Basic Information
Race: 1/4 Dhemlanese, 3/4 Chaillotian
Age: 107 (16)
Caste: Prince
Nicknames: Theo
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Social Status: Commoner
Playby: Leo Legrand
Creator: Nemaisare

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: ---
Offering Jewel: ---
Strengths: With no Jewel, Theo’s strengths are certainly more in favour of what he knows how to do than of the power he can put behind his Craft. And really, he doesn’t know how to do a whole lot, but he is very careful not to advertise his lack. He does know how to call in and vanish stuff, and he is somewhat proficient at making things fly. Calling things across the room to him is just about his favourite past time. It helps that he once accidentally sent a rock flying into someone’s head and now does it just for fun or to get out of a tight spot. Theo has also, through desperation and a bit of tutoring, learned how to shield. He can’t speak on the Threads, but he does know how to broadcast a thought at someone else. It won’t be quiet, or private, but it will usually be coherent.
Weaknesses: As he doesn’t have his Jewels and anything more than absolutely basic Craft isn’t often taught to children before they go through their Birthright, Theo certainly doesn’t know much. And what he does know is a bit of a haphazard collection of the basics. Even there, he is limited by not having a very large power reserve and so tires himself out very quickly when he tries anything major. Creating shields is probably the strongest thing he can manage, and those are only physical shields that would stand up against physical things. They won’t work against other Craft, and even a strong blow will break them. Though at least they’ll soften it a little, or possibly deflect the strike.


Uncouth, vulgar, rude, obnoxious, ill-mannered and uncivilised are all words that Theodore doesn’t know the meaning of and still manages to define to a tee. Them and all their barbaric ilk. And one might say he takes great pride in being so horrendously appalling. In other words, Theo is a brat, and damned good at it. He certainly isn’t spoiled or used to getting his way, and he absolutely despises anyone who thinks that throwing tantrums will get them what they want. Not that he’s necessarily against tantrums, if the situation is ripe for one, but he has discovered that this life will only give him what he wants if he goes after it for himself. Being an ass, annoying, devilish, a scoundrel and a terribly insulting companion is just a side hobby of his, for no other reason than that he doesn’t see much point in being a fine, polite young man when that won’t get him anywhere.

He’s a conniving little thief who will take as much as he can out of any situation if he can help it. True, being young yet, he still has quite a bit to learn, but he knows that old people will either offer him a bit of food if he looks cute or will chase him off so slowly he’s bound to get in a few good rounds of insults as he goes. He knows that there are men on the street who’d hurt him without really caring and others willing to hire a kid and only some of them will actually pay once he delivers. He knows when it’s a good idea to run and when he can get away with being cheeky. He knows that there are some women he should never rib and that certain areas of any city aren’t to be visited by ragamuffins like him. He knows mothers are only good for so much and that, after that, you’re on your own. He isn’t much on being optimistic, cynical pragmatism is more his style. If there’s one bit of advice he’ll ever stop to offer anyone, it’s to suck it up and get over their problems. One thing is for sure, he is never going to make a very good listener. And talking about his feelings, at least, those that don’t involve being angry or amused or scornful, is going to take an awful lot of coaxing.

Despite his generally cavalier attitude, Theodore is not entirely against being friendly, and when he puts his mind to it, he can be just about as charming as anything you’ll ever meet. But he can’t ever get rid of the bright mischief in his eyes or the occasional smart remark that’ll make one roll their eyes or want to swat him. That part of him is just who he is, and the bright expression he wears and his easy laughter when he’s having fun makes that just about clear as day. Most especially as he generally seems to be having the most fun right after he’s gone and gotten himself into trouble. When he’s happy, he’s a most irrepressible fellow, with fairly simple needs and an open mind. Not that he’ll lay off the mockery, but at least it’s easier to tell he’s only having fun. Happy, for Theo, is not, however, a regular occurrence. It isn’t rare, per se, but it’s not exactly common either. And he is just as often scowling and muttering as he is acting all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Sadly, the switch from one mood to the other is rather unpredictable, without much indication that he’s about to get huffy or even very good reasoning behind why he does. In his own head, there’s bound to be a good explanation for it, but few enough are those who can read him well enough to actually understand what that might be. He isn’t much of a morning person though, if that’s any help at all. At least, not if the sun’s beat him to rising.

In his own way, Theo does care. He just sees it as mushy to show affection in all those ordinary ways of hugging and kissing and telling folks how much you like them. At most, a good friend will get a smile, at worst, they’d get a scowl and a roll of the eyes. Or maybe a cuff about the head. But even if he doesn’t show that care, he’ll generally do something about it. He tries hard to be sure his little brother is well looked after, and even if he hardly ever has anything good to say about his mother, he left her with some folks he knew he could trust, didn’t he? And, while he won’t hesitate to run out on anyone the moment trouble gets out of hand, he will come back, if he can, to enact some sort of rescue. Or just to make sure they got away safe themselves. His relief might not show in the conventional manner, but one can be sure that he is grateful to still have someone to make scoffing remarks at.

Just as this rough treatment might indicate, Theo isn’t very open to affection shown towards him, either. It’ll embarrass him and make him fidget and squirm until he can escape. And is bound to earn whoever started it a sharp retort for their efforts. He’s a tough kid, and he’s out to prove it. The exterior he wants to show to the world is that of a hardened street rat, a man who knows what he wants and how to get it, what is generally seen, however, is a youth growing into a pain in the ass, street smart and wise in the ways of manipulation. One way or the other, however, he won’t ever come off as soft. He thinks crying is for sissies and never lets on that he might give in to being a sissy himself on rare, very rare, occasions. When no one else is around. Being nice and sharing what you have is to move ahead and gain yourself an ally, not a friend. If you don’t look worth his while, he’ll ignore you. Telling anyone how you really feel is just plain stupid. They probably don’t care anyway, and even if they do, it’s bound to turn about and bite you in the butt later anyhow.

He isn’t really the most loyal person you could ever meet, as he’ll mostly look out for his own hide first, unless you happen to be his brother… Granted, if he knows a person already, he’s more likely to play nice, and if you fudge up some promise or transaction you made him, then you can be sure you shouldn’t start trusting him again anytime soon. He likes to hold grudges. Usually, just because they make for good ranting material, but if it happens to be a big grudge, then that means it’s game on and he’s got himself a goal. To make whoever earned his irritation’s life a living hell for as long as he feels like it. Granted, a kid can’t do a whole lot, but little things can still add up. And he’s been running loose long enough that he knows all the right places to ‘spread the word’. Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s worth a try on his part. One thing to take special note of for Theodore, is that he may be young, but a little roughing up and some nasty words won’t faze him. He figures if he’s already caught, he’s likely going to be dead anyway, or they’re bluffing. One way or the other, he won’t see much worth in doing what they want of him. And if he’s still free, then a bit of fast talking and running will get him away from danger. He has even, on some occasions felt the need to compare the threats he’s been given. And if you can one up the best ones he’s heard, then he’ll give you more respect, if you can’t, he’ll skip out on you first chance he gets.

He does what it takes to survive, and then he’ll do a little extra to earn some money to keep Theron looked after. Theo doesn’t have a whole lot of morals. He does notice that stealing isn’t exactly the best way to go, but if he can get away with it, he isn’t going to waste time feeling guilty. And if it earns him a penny, well then… Begging from someone, that’s a little more iffy, but mostly because he’s a bit of a prideful young buck, and it’s also more likely to get him bruised than stealing is. For one, he’s actually supposed to be catching someone’s attention, and for another, they usually don’t like it. Lies’ll trip off his tongue quite easily, though he does get flustered when he gets caught out, he’ll just be defensive about it and surly, instead of coming clean. And even killing… He’s been party to it once or twice. He never knew the person, didn’t know the one wanting them dead either. He would just be the bait, or the distraction, or the one that delivered notes, or poison. And sometimes, he’d have to sit tight and watch, otherwise he’d risk losing the money he’d earned being helpful. In that business, you’re either a poor pansy, or you don’t care for a thing except the coin. And maybe he does care a little bit, but he needs the coin more.


Once upon a time, there was a lady and her lover…

Now, don’t that sound like a right fine fairy tale start. But it doesn’t end that way, and it sure don’t keep up much all along the way neither. But see, Ma always tells it as things started wonderful. And I suppose they must have been fine enough. Anyhow…

Once upon a time, there was a lady and her lover. Only, they didn’t know it would end up that way from the start. They just met first, mutual friend or something, I dunno. But it was at some fancy whoopdeedoo someone’s parents were holding. He was a handsome devil with words what damn near melted her heart and she was in love, so she’ll swear you catch her at the right moment, that very night. Well, one thing led to another while he won her over and she fell for all his pretty talk, but it sure was a right whirl of romance. You get Ma talking about that night, find out for yourself. Bloody disgusting… Heard that story too many times, can’t even count that high! Way Gram tells it, whole thing weren’t nothing but some bloke taking advantage of a lady wasn’t thinking straight, but she don’t blame him much for that. Gram says Ma never was much of a one for thinking straight.

And I’d say she’s got it down just right, only, Ma never goes off about them others she’s invited along. So maybe there’s something there as none of the rest of us knows, and that’s the trouble, see? She yaps on and on about that fancy night and how it just ain’t fair and the damned fool what broke her heart’s gone and lost himself somewheres and no one knows what’s right and what’s wrong and the only thing she ain’t telling is his name. I bet she don’t even know it no more. How’s that for making a scandal?

Anyhow, they only did it the one time, Ma’ll swear up and down the Priestess’ Altar it was only the one time. Didn’t think nothing’d come of it, wasn’t supposed to be anything coming of it. But I came about all the same. And boy was folks all pissed about that! Ma says she only saw Gram so deviled once afore that, and that were when she caught Gramps feeding his hounds off her fine china. Bet ain’t nobody heard such a row as then. Would have been a sight for sure, that would’ve. Long’n short of it though, was that Ma got tossed on the streets. So her wailing and moaning would have you think anyhow. Darkness’ mercy, but she’s got a good bit of gripe in her, Ma does. Mostly, Gram and Gramps just didn’t want much to do with her. They still gave her a bit of coin to see her through, they just didn’t want to be all tied up with her whining and moping and storytelling. Wasn’t like they hadn’t all been shouting things at each other as no one’d want to repeat soon. They didn’t want to see her, she didn’t want to see them, but that story gets old right quick, seeing how she didn’t want to see much of me neither back then.

Course, I didn’t much see things that way when I was little. They was my folks, my family, y’know. Still are, though Ma’s got all old and wrinkly and Grams and Gramps ain’t no more. Leastways, I don’t think there’s much of them left, and I sure ain’t planning on digging them up to find out. Anyhow, Ma always says as they weren’t no help when I was a whiney little thing, left her all on her lonesome with the most annoying brat she’d ever held in her arms. But I was her damned, annoying brat and she wasn’t gonna let no one take me from her. This’s where things get all muddled up, see? I know she didn’t want me, bad for everyone, I was. But she weren’t gonna give me up, no way anyhow. Not much sense to it, I suppose, but I guess I always figured if she could do it for me, then sure I could for her.

We scraped along for a bit, me just a mite and Ma no use to anyone not wanting to work and not wanting her folks’ money. They got to her though, somehow, and then things was mostly dandy. Lived in their big house all together like a right proper family and half the time I was sleeping with the dogs. They snored, I tell you, but not half so bad as Grams, and I had the room right next hers.

There wasn’t much trouble once Ma settled in, Grams was glad enough for a grandson, even if she wasn’t all for how he’d been got. They’d shout a bit sometimes, but a week wasn’t through till there was shouting, so that wasn’t much use for figuring out their moods. And Gramps allus liked sitting, by the fire, on the porch, out in the field… And walking them precious mutts of his. Heh, he’d be climbing the Abyss walls he could hear me calling them so, fine bred hounds they were then, but still mutts much as I care.

Grams was a Healer, a mighty fine one, so most everyone always told me. But if she was fine then I don’t never want to meet a bad one. See, I’ll tell you a secret as I ain’t never told no one else. Was them as got me wise to Healers, shouldn’t trust folks like them with your ills. Grams’d take me along when I was little so Ma wasn’t always stuck with me like she kept complaining, but Grams’d sit me outside the door so’s I wouldn’t trouble no one inside the Healer’s ward. I tell you, them screams and teary-eyed kids all coming outta that door never made me eager to risk Grams looking at me all grim like she did sometimes. And Ma, she’d try her hand at it too, reading Grams’ books when I told her my ears was hurting. Don’t remember much about them brews she tried on me, but I know I heaved my stomach inside out after one, and she was always saying as she was so certain she’d done everything right. Don’t trust Healers for that, but don’t you go telling no one now. Isn’t important for folks to know. You tell Ma and you won’t be getting outta bed for a month!

Sure, maybe there’re others as ain’t half so bad, but how’d you know which was which afore you let them get started? You want to be heaving your guts out? Didn’t think so…

Anyhow, that’s what things was like back in Chaillot for a bit. But you’n me, we grow slower’n the folks out there, and everyone was getting on while I was still little. Grams kept saying how I was stealing on their years to stay young, didn’t know she was joking then. Scared me silly. Didn’t think it was right. So I ran away. Thought maybe I’d go off and find my Da, steal his years instead… Course, things ain’t near so easy as all that. You don’t just wander off and find the person you’re looking for without nothing to go on. It was Gramps caught me, toddling my way down some hill or other and it was him told me how there’s folks out there as live longer’n others and how it seemed right to think my da were one of them, seeing how slow I was growing. Gave me a goal, that did, and something to be looking for, right? Wasn’t the last time I ran off, but Gramps’ dogs near always found me till I learned how t’hide from them. Never found Da though, and got to thinking how there wasn’t many of them long living folks on Chaillot. So I’d have to go somewhere else, see? And that was when I started planning a right real trip. I got all my things in a bag until it got near too heavy to carry. Had my old toys, some sweets and other food and even got some coin. Then I wrapped it all up and-What?

Oh, my Birthright? Haven’t had it yet, stop interrupting, you want the story told. Fine, fine! Grams and Ma waited for me to be old enough, only, they couldn’t tell, but they figured, so they took some money off to the Altar. I dunno why, always just figured as these things cost, cuz that Priestess took one look at me and said I wasn’t ready, so she wouldn’t take the money. Haven’t been since cuz things got all confused like. ‘M probably old enough now. Ain’t certain though. Anyhow! That ain’t so important. …

Where was I?

Right, I was running. First time I got anywhere, skipping school and all. Made it to the docks but then couldn’t find no one willing to take me on their ship. I was only a little tyke then, so can’t say as I blame ‘em, though sure it made things right difficult to manage. Kids ain’t much use to nobody when they’re small. You too. Ifen you wasn’t half so smart, you’d be useless like all the rest. So, I made it, but when I couldn’t find anyone as’d take me farther I ended up getting found and took right back to Ma. I tell you that wasn’t much fun. Though I was getting kidnapped first, then we got home and was half deaf before they’d quit yelling about losing me and being afraid and about how I shouldn’t never do that again. But Abyss below did they get out all the words I’ve ever heard and then some. But I guess they got the message through t’me, seeing as how I never tried running again. Didn’t give up though, nagged after my idea until there wasn’t anyone didn’t know it as knew me. Ma’d try to convince me off it, but she never managed, suppose you can guess that though, seeing how we ain’t in Chaillot now.

Well, Gramps got hisself cut outta life early. Took off ahunting and missed a jump with his horse. Broke his neck and them dogs of his went ahallooing on and only one turned round for him. Course, they couldn’t of done nothing, but just goes to show you what use a dog is. Gramps with a whole packful as he fed and looked after every day of their lives and only one a’them turns round for him. Oh sure, they came after us once they’d got done chasing whatever they was after, but we didn’t find them, or him, until two days after he set off. Well, he’s dead and gone now, and so’s Gram, though she didn’t take off until we’d gone from the house a while. Anyhow, when Gramps died, he left us all a bit of fortune, see? And well, I was set on making only one use of it. Gave me a grand excuse for skipping out on school permanent-like. And looking to find Da. Well, I finally got through to Ma and she pitched in her share from Gramps and we two took off for Dhemlan.

Grams was happy enough to see us go. She and Ma never got on right, and without Gramps to keep them in line, they weren’t fun company together. She helped out with a letter to a friend as didn’t turn out much like a friend. Ain’t nobody worse for playing fools with you than a fellow wants all your coin. Sure, he met us like he was supposed to. Brought us home and showed us about the place. Maybe he woulda been all around nice too, if he coulda been. But see, that big bother these Dhemlan folks was getting arse up about took all his coin. And where he was holed up, wasn’t no one liked him without coin, for all he wasn’t much of a ‘risto. So he took up ours for helping us out, and we all lived together for round about two years. Wasn’t any trouble with him taking charge of the funds seeing as we was all in one place. But he wasn’t much for saving. Nor was Ma, lady still ain’t. He got her all this fancy stuff as no one’d ever need. And he got her into his bed too. And if he got her drunk enough, he’d get his friends into her bed. Threatened his willies once if he tried it again, course he didn’t listen, so I borrowed some stuff from the lady downstairs and then no one could figure on why they never stayed awake long in our place.

He figured it was me sure, but he couldn’t catch me to make me stop. Slicker’n the runs when I gotta be. So he gave up soon enough, and then… Well, Ma came out and said she was up the duff. Y’know, bun in the oven, knocked up, eating for two. Pregnant, idiot. And all of a sudden, we wasn’t in the same place anymore. He took off with the money and Ma took to moping about in bed, not getting up even to eat. I ever find that man again, I’m stuffing his trunks with poison spiders and if his junk don’t fall off from all the biting I’ll just have to knock him down into a puddle. Make sure he’s breathing more water than air and ain’t gonna wake up any time soon.

Huh? Your da? Well, sure and how’d you reckon I’d know? Coulda been anyone of him or his friends. You won’t know same as me, but we ever find my da, we’re sharing him, since I don’t think you’d like yours much. Now stop your natter and listen, you want the story all told.

Well, seeing as we didn’t have nothing else to do, I started selling off that stuff as he’d bought us with our money. Ma didn’t ‘preciate it, but I liked food better’n pretty stones, and she was hungry enough time came to eat, usually. Still, she had some bad moments, I tell you. Having you wasn’t one of them, but after, cor, that lady like to blew my mind with her fits. Still, I got to understanding what she’d meant, not wanting me when I was a little’un, the way you kept carrying on with your wailing. Just glad you grew out of it. But soon enough everything was sold and when the rent come due, we couldn’t pay it. But see, I ain’t no one’s fool. I knew it was coming, and I had you and Ma to keep right. So I looked around. Knew some old fogeys as had a bloody grand house as didn’t have no one else in it. Place isn’t half as nice as Gram and Gramps’ place, but s’nice enough, ain’t it. Well, I’d been watching, see? And they didn’t get no visits. Meant no kids, no family to chase us off we try our hand at keeping them company.

So, afore anyone could kick us out, I dragged Ma to their door and introduced us as the ones what’d be keeping their house clean for ‘em. They didn’t see nothing wrong with it. So I had Ma get to work, she didn’t do much, but she did keep the house better’n Hannah’n Rodderick. And when the rent was due, I moved us all over there, and they didn’t get bothered by that either. Put us up right happily in the rooms we’re in now. We look after them, we get a roof over our heads. Didn’t seem much of a bad thing then. Still don’t, for all we’re always wondering if they’re dead yet… But afore you was talking, they was still up to wandering a little, so they looked after Ma too. Hard to think on, ain’t it, what with us doing all the looking after now?

Anyhow, seeing as I knew they’d keep Ma and you allright, I got to sneaking about, looking for a proper employ, y’know. only, I still didn’t look like much, and round here, anyone who’s anyone don’t want nothing t’do with me. So I had to settle for picking up a few things on the sly, and there’re folks out there as could always use an innocent face what knows how to get things done. S’long you don’t ask for too much, they don’t like greedy folks, you can win yourself a fair bit stealing or lying for folks. But I’m leaving you plenty of marks so you shouldn’t be having t’do nothing like that. Right? Good. Cuz I don’t rightly know how long I’ll be gone, but with Dary here, well, walking ain’t gonna be so hard. I can get him carrying me, my feet start hurting. Ha! Never woulda thought I’d be glad he followed me home so, eh?

Leastways you won’t be caught up in that bother about rich folk needing to get dead seeing as how they’ve figured all the folks as need to be are. Don’t know how they got that idea in their heads, seeing how they haven’t killed all the rich folk, but never mind that less’n it starts up again, right. Good for getting an easy bit of dough, running messages around and spying on folks, but it don’t do to get too in on these things, I don’t think. Well, if they start it up again, you just gather your food and stick inside the house. I’ll be by as I can. Got to find our da, now you’re old enough to be watching out for yourself, and these fogeys’re near to dead, don’t need to worry about nothing.

Current Plot
Being a brat.

Current Relationships
Dary Flynn (Good friend) - Rose to --- Jeweled Warlord Prince

Mackenzie Archer (Just met) - Yellow to --- Jeweled Black Widow