The d’Fiore were a moderately prestigious family in centuries past with many allies and a lot of ambition. Their fortunes are drawn from merchant branch families in Naemah and Astar, though at least a few of those families weren’t especially faithful to the d’Fiore main house. The d’Fiore have always wanted to play a larger game within Hayll and overextended themselves during Salem Dyre’s coup d’état. The family was destroyed, leaving only Ophelia – paradoxically both a bastard granddaughter with foreign blood, and the legitimate blood heir as the daughter of her d’Fiore grandmother’s eldest daughter – as the sole holder of the name.

Ophelia d’Fiore herself is not well liked by the other Hundred Famlies, but she is tolerated. She’s the only living member of that bloodline that is young enough to bear children, so it is a matter of preserving the Hundred Famlies to acknowledge her. In the politics of the Hundred Famlies, this has dropped the d’Fiore into dead last.

Ophelia herself balances the realities of being the ruling Queen of Astar with any personal feelings she may have for the wider politics of Hayll. With little agricultural basis, Astar must remain precariously neutral in order to sell its services to all sides. The d’Fiore line’s future as a controlled figurehead or a power in its own right remains to be seen.

They are ranked number 100 amongst the Hundred Families.

Family members
Ophelia d'Fiore

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