The Moretti Family want what is best for their family. When their daughter was married to Salem they wanted him in power. When they seperated it began to seem like a good idea for a Queen to take power. They have nothing against Salem personally, but he has become out of control. Meaning that he's not controlled by the Hundred Families, nor does he have any great apparent sympathies for them.They would like someone with more concern for the Hundred Families interests.

The Moretti Family has worked hard throughout the last ten thousand years to work towards their rise within the Hundred Families. They have extensive holdings and tend to have their fingers in any number of pies. They own any number of businesses ran by their various minions and cousins, with yearly check ups to make sure no one is dipping into the pie when they shouldn't.

They deal with threats to the family quickly, efficiently, and brutally.

They are ranked number 12 amongst the Hundred Families.

Family members
Maria Moretti - Mother

Vencentio Moretii - Father
Sharalesca Dyre nee Moretti - Daughter
Alisa Moretti - Daughter
Luzio Moretti - Brother
Benedetto Moretii - Great Uncle
Dino Moretti - Uncle
Angelo Moretti - Uncle

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Old friends with the...

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Not very friendly with the...
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Extreme hatred for the...

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