The DiCosmas are one of the oldest and most prestigious of the Hundred Families, having first secured their wealth through a successful wine enterprise in Dantalion. They have always wanted to hold even more power politically in Hayll, but the Family was without a Queen, until the birth of Kaerissa DiCosma, who they quickly groomed to take the Dantalion Province rulership, with the hopes of using it as a stepping stone to the Territory Court. The Family is not happy with the the way the Territory rulership has been headed, with two Warlord Princes on the throne in a row, and they especially despise the current ruler, who has made it apparent he doesn't have much interest in Hundred Family politics. Things went south for the family however after the scandal in Dantalion in which Kaerissa had to leave the Province she had been ruling. It was enough to cause the family to fall from their position at 3 to their current location.

They are ranked number 21 amongst the Hundred Families.

Family members
Brigida DiCosma - Mother

Teo BalDasarre - Father
Dario DiCosma - Son (deceased)
Kaerissa DiCosma - Daughter
Marco DiCosma - Son
Loretta DiCosma - Daughter

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