They have always kept their noses out of political affairs until recently, preferring to try and rebuild their own personal wealth than to meddle in the territory’s business. They originally owned a large trading company and controlled many of the high-end imports and exports. A few bad investments and some competition led to a loss in a large chunk of their profits. The family failed to curb their ‘extravagant tastes’ until after they had already lost a large portion of their money. They were forced to rebuild and earn new money by investing in other businesses. This kept them in the hundred family tree, but dropped them down quite a few notches.

They try not to side on things as far as politics go, but Juliana has recently come into the position of the district court of Vecchio in Naemah and she aims to take the territory throne. Her family supports her decision. She’s also hoping to become better friends with the Contis so that perhaps she can convince them that her son would make a good husband for the youngest queen. She wants him to have a chance to move higher up the political chain and she also wants the young queen to have a voice of reason by her side. She’d hate to see the girl become a puppet. The Capellos are friends with the De Reges, but they have a firm hatred for the Ximoar. Juliana’s father was a Ximoar and he left her mother for a lady who was higher up in the chain. He was lower than her and now he’s higher and for that he’ll never be forgiven.

They are ranked number 87amongst the Hundred Families.

Family members
Maria Capello

Arianna Capello - Daughter
Juliana De Rege – Sister
Romeo Ximoar - Half-Brother

Loosely affiliated with the...

Old friends with the...

Not very friendly with the...
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Extreme hatred for the...