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Basic Information
Race: Hayllian
Age: 806 (18)
Caste: Queen
Nicknames: Rosa, Rose
Sexuality: Bisexual (Whatever she wants, whatever it takes)
Social Status: Aristocrat
Playby: Alina Vacariu
Creator: Jessica

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Rose (47)
Offering Jewel: Opal (2)
Strengths: As an apprentice Queen Rosa has been making an intense study of the Craft and Protocol involved in being a Queen. Since she's almost at the end of her training she is mostly well versed, now its not so much learning what to do, but more the polish to do it. She knows only enough Healing Craft to help with the things that were deemed important by Kaerissa or her family. She can usually stabilize someone until a Healer arrives, she can stop bleeding, and seal cuts as well as brew a few potions. She's been trained to be proficient with Shields. A secret of her family, she's been training secretly in death craft.
Weaknesses: Besides the bare basic of Healing Craft she is mostly ignorant of the main Healing Craft. She knows nothing of Priestess Craft, something she's quite pleased with. While she can shield, upfront offensive craft is something she is totally ignorant of. A straight up fight? Why should she know how. That is for males and barbarians, which is really the same thing. Illusions is not something she knows how to weave, nor anything of the Black Widow Craft. She doesn't have her mentors envy of the craft.


Rosalia is a manipulator. She is whatever she needs to be. She can play the dutiful daughter, the shy maiden, the sultry seducer. She can fit any number of rolls, and none are any less real than any of the others. She can fit in as a whining aristo or a sweet girl. Depending on hows she wants to be viewed is how she acts. The only place she generally acts 'like herself' is around Rissa and her parents.

When she's being real she tends to be sweet and sassy. She's a confident young woman thanks to both her personal inclination and all the training she's received throughout her life. Viewed by the aristos of the Hundred Families they see her as a fine young woman, if from a lower family. She seems the embodiment of what all the Families expect from their daughters. Ambitious, clever, smart, and most importantly, dutiful.

Viewed her her age-mates and classmates they often see her as a competitor, a rival, and a friend. Just because they both want the same thing, and are fighting each other for it, doesn't mean they cant act like friends. Rosa enjoys the competition and rivalry. She tends to be likable, so long as people don't get in her way. She keeps her emotions to herself, and her thoughts, unless a question needs to be asked. She is, at her core, mostly self-centered.

That does not mean that she's incapable of being selfless. Its just not her first instinct. She likes to help out those less fortunate. She volunteers in shelters, she helps her mother with charities. She does food drives and clothing drives for school. And once a year or so she goes through her clothes and donates what she doesn't wear. So while she is self centered, and selfish, she does occasionally think of others. She is, however, quite a bit of a bigot. Obviously, those of hayllian decent are better, especially those that are pure blooded.


Gregor was a member of a mild family and so was Matilda. Their parents followed tradition and made the match for their children. Since both children had been raised to know their duty they married, each on the lookout of how to use their new position to advance their own families. Eventually it became less about their parent's house but their own prestige.

They agreed about only having one child. For one Matilda didn't want to sacrifice her body on childbearing, a fate her husband wanted her to avoid as well, but they both knew their duty in reproducing and having an heir. When they got a girl they were pleased. Gregor had wanted a son, someone to inherit his name, but a daughter grew on him. Matilda was extremely pleased by a daughter. An heir to inherit her name and their position within the Hundred Families. While a daughter to dote on pleased Gregor, neither parent could complain when it became obvious that their child was a Queen. A QUEEN!! Their family had never produced the caste before. It was a shock and it raised their prestige. The highest caste had come from a witch and warlord.

And so Rosa grew up spoiled and pampered. Her mother cared for her, but saw her as competition, so their relationship was tense. Rosa had her father wrapped around her littlest finger by the time she was months old. She had only to ask for something, and her father made sure she got it. That being said, she learned the fine art of manipulation at her parents knee. They even encouraged it. They knew what she was doing, but she had to learn somewhere, didn't she?

Even though she was spoiled she was raised to know her duty. She would live to advance the Family, to gain prestige. One day her parents might come to her and tell her she would marry. It would be her duty to accept whoever they appointed as her husband without complaint. Not only to make the best of it but also to give her eventual husband and heir.

While she didn't like learning she did whatever schooling was required, with hardly any effort. She learned languages, dancing, Protocol and etiquette. She learned math and art and music and craft. Her parents had an almost unending stream of tutors. Her favorite lessons might well be the death craft she began to learn in her early adolescence. Before that her parents deemed her too young, but she loved to practice the craft and then carefully tear it apart. She can detect death craft, unravel it, or set it like a professional.

One of the other things she's always loved to do is swim. She used to swim in the family's pool, in the local creek and ponds, even the sea. She had so much fun with it. Then, while swimming in the pond one year sea weed, or some type of water plant, had wrapped around her ankles. She could get it untangled and almost drowned before one of the father's of the local girls jumped in and freed her. She was anxious to enter water again, but ever since then she's needed to see the bottom of whatever water source she's swimming in.

They had grand plans that they didn't temper with realism, a trait she despised. She wore the Rose as her Birthright, that meant she might one day wear the Opal. To her parents, dreams of ruling the Territory danced in their eyes. Ridiculous, of course. There were those so much stronger, and they were a minor house. But one day she might rule a Province or a District of her own. That was enough for her.

She started taking lessons from Kaerissa DiCosma as a girl, and eventually she became the Queen's apprentice. An honor to be sure. She lived her life learning what she needed to be Queen. She loves Kaerissa like an older sister she never had and admires her. Her loyalty is to her family, of course, but also to Kaerissa.

Even with her life of near unending lessons, moving between residences of her family and her Queen, Rosalina spends as much time as she can learning the art of manipulation, flirtation, seduction. She wants to have fun in life, achieve her goals, and do her Family proud.

Current Plot


Current Relationships
Matteo Rizhu (Friend & Court Member) - White to Rose Jeweled Warlord