Basic Information
Race: Nharkavan
Age: 28
Caste: Prince
Nicknames: Rafe
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Social Status: Slave
Playby: Karl Urban
Creator: Nemaisare

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Summer-sky (99)
Offering Jewel: Green (68)
Strengths: Rafael has a very complete control of his Craft. Or at least, of those things he knows how to do. For the rest he has a very rough approach to how he uses his power. But if he thinks it is possible and wants to accomplish something, then he will. Sometimes it’s an unorthodox success or a warped sort of achievement, but at least what he wants done gets done. He knows Basic Craft as well as anyone should and Healing Craft slightly above an apprentice level. He’s learned the art of seduction almost by accident, but has become fairly proficient at it and shields are fairly easy for him too.
Weaknesses: Rafael doesn’t know any Hearth Craft. If you asked him to clean something he’d do it by hand, and his cooking just might kill you, by accident even. His knowledge of advanced Craft is very sketchy and if someone told him what was or wasn’t possible, they could very well be making the whole list up and he probably wouldn’t know. Being a slave has somewhat hindered the advance of knowledge in the Craft department.


There is a small space within Rafael that is a hollow place. Empty, dark and waiting. And it is shrinking with every moment of every day. It is his own place, the untouchable part of himself that he holds above everyone else, that he fights to keep safe. Once, it was full of memories and ideals, a boy’s dreams and hopes and wild fantasies. Now, there is nothing, those things have all been dragged out and torn apart by what has become of his life. But that nothing is more important than all those things, because it is all that is left untouched by what he’s gone through.

Rafael is not a hard man, he isn’t cruel or mean or even necessarily bad, but he offers nothing to anyone. And he expects nothing in return. He prefers it when he is ignored or looked over, and doesn’t mind it when no one seems to know who he is. If people notice him, they either want him in their bed or feel he needs to be punished for something he’s done. Occasionally, they may even be in the right. He isn’t a bad man, but he certainly isn’t a nice one either. When he can, he will take advantage of a moment of weakness, and sometimes, the consequences for thinking him weak or letting down your guard around him can be terrible. He hasn’t killed any of his previous owners however, just a few of the people they offered him to, which has, contrary to his hopes, kept him alive.

He has learned to live life by the day and to forget about wishing or love or anger. All he knows now is emptiness and hatred. And it sustains him well enough for survival. He doesn’t really care about escaping any more. Or about how others might think him ‘dirty’. All he wants is a chance to give back some of the pain that he was given before he dies. All he needs is that chance. That being said, he has stopped actively looking for it.

Rafael has become a simple creature. He has pushed away his thoughts so that there won’t be anything within them that might betray him into breaking. Until they find a way to take nothing from him, he won’t be broken, but he is close. He exists; he sleeps, eats, breathes and takes in his surroundings, but he does not act, he reacts. Rather than having honed his mind to a sharp edge of anger, the years seem to have dulled his temper and whatever else he might have been. Now, he is little more than a puppet. He does what he is told, he does what is wanted of him and he does it well. Occasionally, however, his reactions are a little more aware. Such as when something catches his interest or if his attention is called back to the moment through particularly violent means.

Generally, he will answer that violence with violence of his own. Managing to break through his haze will have him snarling like a wild animal and, if immediate action isn’t taken to subdue him, he will usually do more. But first his mindless daze has to be snapped, and that takes quite some doing these days. There is little room within him for any large emotion beyond hate, no compassion or love or anger or sorrow. The memories of these emotions are still there, somewhere, but he can’t bring himself to feel or someone will use those feelings against him. There is no longer anything soft about him, so even if he felt these emotions again, he would only be able to acknowledge them in a harsh manner and he wouldn’t know how to soften them.


Rafael’s parents were born to slaves and were slaves all their lives. Rafael himself was born a slave. Which might make his earlier hopes seem a little strange, but a boy will always be a boy and they were not treated at all cruelly by their master. It was merely their life, and since he grew up to believe that it was proper to follow orders and accept that others are higher than yourself because you aren’t free, it never occurred to him that maybe not being free was wrong.

He enjoyed his work in the stables, and he and his family were free to practice small bits of Craft to make their chores easier, and Rafael was encouraged to learn his mother’s Healing Craft since it was a good thing for a slave to be able to do. Not for the slave, but to benefit the master. Growing up around horses and being charged with their welfare and knowing that their health was more important than his made him a quick study of them and he is something of an expert. Or at least, he was when he was 15. He may have forgotten a few things over the years, but he still remembers the basics.

He was taken by his master to a Priestess when he was nine so he could gain his Birthright Jewel’s strength and be of more use to the man. And was taught Basic Craft alongside the master’s own children, though he was expected to keep silent and keep up with his chores as well. He would practice late into the night so that he wouldn’t fall behind and became quite proficient at such small, simple things.

In his fifteenth year, the master decided that he was old enough to come with him through the Gates to Tereille. It helped that his father had managed to break his arm the day before they were planning on leaving and the master didn’t want to wait. He said a quick goodbye to both his parents, was kissed on the cheek and reminded to remember his place and then sent off, since they had their own work to do and the master was waiting. Rafael hasn’t seen them since. Traveling through the Gates was an experience, and absolutely terrifying, but at least they didn’t really come out into a different land. Not entirely. The master went from Nharkava to Raej, and both were deserts, though Rafael immediately felt that Raej was perhaps slightly harsher in climate than Nharkava. Not that he was going to complain.

They didn’t stay there long, however, since that wasn’t the master’s destination. Rather, they were going to Shalador, because his master appreciated the reputation of its horses and agreed with it. He was buying more for his own stock on this trip, but had no horses to sell. Which meant that he had only a certain amount of money and it didn’t cover a prize mare Rafael found for him that was being sold with her little colt. The price was exorbitant and the prize was magnificent. At first, his master told him he was being a fool thinking that he could pay so much, but that mare was a beautiful horse and her colt showed promise. And if the master knew anything, it was how to appreciate a good bit of horse and the way it might tip the scales. He had a few stallions he wouldn’t mind putting to the mare and that colt would make a good stud and, if those legs and his dashes about the corral were any indication, a strong racer too.

Eventually, the master saw more benefits than he did losses and so, to make up for the money he was missing, he sold Rafael. And he marked him very specifically as a pleasure slave so that he would go for a higher price. Young, healthy from being outside and strong from working on stable chores and keeping horses in check, Rafael did indeed make a good price. But he was a great deal less of a prize than were those two horses. His new mistress, however, had closed the deal and was stuck with him. So, she made the best of what she had and taught him what she liked, what she wanted and what would happen if he didn’t give it to her. She didn’t keep him long though, he didn’t react well to her treatment of him, and she wasn’t quite cold enough to try to break him.

From her he went to another mistress, a friend of the first who lived in Raej, and she took him as a trade. Rafael won’t admit it, but she terrified him. She was the one who Ringed him, and who gave him his first taste of that pain. She was the one who began, very methodically, to revise his original ideas about slavery. If he refused to submit, she laced his food with safframate before he knew what the drug was. And after he learned, she used whatever means necessary until he was a well-trained little lap-dog. It shouldn’t really have taken much effort. After all, Rafael was already well trained and programmed to obey, because the master was to be obeyed without question. But she wasn’t a woman who liked the easy route. It took him two years to start breaking down, and by that time she had grown bored of him. But since she was well known among the slavers, she gave him one last gift before sending him off to the auction block. As a token of his having passed through her ‘school’ she branded him with the arrow so that everyone looking at him who knew anything would know that he was a prize indeed, and therefore, worth every mark they paid for him.

And so he was. But even sliding as he was into the man he is now he didn’t go without a fight. He earned his fair share of whippings and beatings, most of which can’t be seen, and learned again and again of the Ring’s power. Then, he came to a woman who believed a little kindness would work where the Ring didn’t. She thought it might make her slaves more tractable. All it did was make Rafael brave and lost her her reputation. But not before he took the chance to make the Offering to the Darkness. He killed the woman she loaned him to and woke up from the fight that ensued in chains once more and being carted off to some other house. He wore the Ring of Obedience for that man, and was forced to do more than a few things he never wants to think about again. But apparently his distaste for men was a little too obvious, for he ended up on the auction block again, fairly certain that he wasn’t going to be a pleasure slave again. Well, perhaps he was wrong, since now he’s in The Bitch Queen’s palace now and the winged lady doesn’t have much use for slaves otherwise.

Current Plot


Current Relationships
Hajrian Ashkan (Mistress) - Opal to Green Jeweled Black Widow Queen

Adam Evangeline (fellow slave) - Yellow to Summer-sky Jeweled Warlord