Once they reach puberty, every Blood female has to worry about their moontimes. It happens once a month and this becomes a very dangerous time for them. During the first three days of their moontime, a Blood female cannot use Craft unless they want to experience a severe amount of pain. They can sometimes use basic Craft but even that will cause them discomfort. This leaves them without a way to protect themselves and opens them up to attack.

When a woman is going through her moontime, her psychic scent changes a little bit and the smell of her moon's blood will pretty much alert any Warlord Prince in the area about it being that time. Any Warlord Princes that are friends or in service to that woman become fiercely protective at this time and will rise to the killing edge in the blink of an eye if they believe that anyone is threatening the woman in question. They tend to make life a little bit difficult for the woman as well since they will insist on taking care of her and tend to limit what they can do during the first three days.