Lillian thread
Basic Information
Race: Eyrien
Age: 1575 (24)
Caste: Hearth witch
Nicknames: Though most people call her Lillian, she really does prefer Lilly.
Sexuality: She is straight, though she hasn't really had all that much experience with either sex.
Social Status: She was born an Aristo but since she has gone out on her own, she is more of a commoner than anything.
Playby: Zooey Deschanel
Creator: Kristin

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: White (96)
Offering Jewel: Tiger Eye (23)
Strengths: Being that she is a Hearth witch, Lillian's strength in the craft undoubtedly lies there. She has a natural talent when it comes to any craft that would be needed in the kitchen. Warming spells are definitely a strength of hers as well and hers tend to last longer than most.
Weaknesses: onsidering how light her jewels are, she is absolutely dreadful when it comes to protection craft of any sort. She can make shields with little trouble, but they simply cannot hold up for long since there are so many jewels that are darker than hers. She has trouble with cloaking spells for the same reason.


The first thing that people will notice about Lillian is the fact that she has a rather quiet demeanor. She is not the kind of person that likes to make her presence known when she walks into the room and actually prefers just fading into the background when she is given the chance. She has just always been more comfortable with going unnoticed because that is pretty much what her life had been like in her family home. If for some reason she is in a situation where she is the focus of people's attention, she tends to get rather uncomfortable and nervous, which usually leads to rambling on her part.

She is a friendly person though and in small social settings she is perfectly fine with talking to people. She just prefers it to be one-on-one conversations or even maybe a small group of two or even three other people at most, as long as she isn't the focus of the conversation. She does enjoy speaking with people though and she is not the kind of person that would pass up a chance to have a little chat with someone. She enjoys having some sort of social contact with people on a regular basis too since she gets a bit lonely if she spends too much time alone.

She is a sweet girl who likes to take care of people when she is given the chance as well, which she believes is definitely the Hearth witch in her. She loves being able to cook for people and she does her best to make them comfort food whenever she thinks that someone is in need of some. She especially enjoys when people come into her kitchen in search of a treat and she is able to chat with them for a little bit. She is also the first person that will offer to take care of someone when they are ill. She loves being able to make them chicken noodle soup and just have an excuse to fuss over a person so it is something that she will never pass up the chance to do.

Lillian is not the kind of person who really has a temper though so it is very rare to see her yell at someone or show when she gets upset at all. She is a bit sensitive so she can get upset easily by what people say, but she just doesn't give them the satisfaction of knowing that they managed to upset her at all. She prefers to just deal with those emotions when she is in the comfort of her own room with no one around to witness it.


Kylendar and Zevian had both belonged to the Province Court of Voltesgrad when Dalmonar Sailen ruled and because of that, they lived lives that they had grown accustomed to. Kylendar wore semi-dark jewels, but because he was only a Prince, he was saved from a lot of the destruction that befell the darker jeweled Warlord Princes of his land. His jewels allowed him to get a position in the First Circle of the Province Court. Zevian was the High Priestess of the Court and wore jewels that were mid-range, though her Opal was a dark one.

When they decided to finally have kids, it was expected that they would be able to produce children that wore decent jewels because of what they had. They were hoping for respectable castes as well, so they were sorely disappointed when their first child was nothing but a witch. They still had hope for her though and raised her as best as they could. Lillian started showing signs of being a natural at Hearth craft though at a very young age and more often than not, she would sneak off into the kitchen to spend time with the staff there. She was far more comfortable around them than she ever was around her parents or all of the other Aristo children that would come over, though her parents would often drag her out of the kitchen and force her to socialize. That thankfully changed after her sister was born since Sophian was a Queen and their parents saw her as their chance at greatness.

Lillian would never disappoint her parents more than the day she had her Birthright Ceremony though. When she walked away wearing only a White jewel, her parents were shocked. In their minds, no child of theirs should have been able to receive a jewel that light and it was when they had pretty much given up on having their eldest daughter ever amount to anything. It was then that they began to focus on Sophian completely and practically ignored Lillian. It hurt more than she would ever let on, but there was little that she could do to change it. She was perfectly content with the light jewel that she had received and she wouldn't have changed it for anything. The only good thing that came out of it though was the fact that she was no longer forced to socialize with the Aristo children and was able to spend most of her time in the kitchen.

She was basically raised by the witches that worked in her family's estate from that point on and learned everything that she knows now about her Hearth Craft from the women there. They began letting her help at a young age too, which definitely helped her hone her craft. She also learned most of what she knows about Basic Craft from them as well. Though she hated the fact that she pretty much didn't exist to her family anymore and they began to view her as if she was one of the servants of the estate as well, Lillian was never happier than when she could spend the whole day in the kitchen. Because of that, she was content leaving Sophian to everything that their parents seemed to have planned for the young Queen.

Life had pretty much remained like that until Dalmonar Sailen was overthrown by his son, Ammonar. Her parents both lost their positions in the Province Court with that and life at home had become almost unbearable for her since they seemed to direct a lot of their anger at their new lot in life towards her and the staff of the estate. It was at that point that she decided to finally give her Offering to the Darkness so that she would be able to leave and begin life on her own. She had heard that there was a position available as the Head Cook in Ammonar Sailen's home and because of his ideals when it came to the lighter jeweled Blood, Lillian had hoped that he would not mind having a Hearth witch on staff that only wore a Tiger Eye Offering jewel.

Thankfully, that was the case and she was able to leave her family and the home that she had grown up in behind. She has enjoyed her time working for the Warlord Prince of Voltesgrad so far and she is looking forward to the years to come.

Current Plot
Lillian is currently working as the Head Cook at the Province Court of Voltesgrad. It is the one place she has found that treats her as a person, despite the fact that she wears such light jewels, and she has come to think of the people there as her family.

Current Relationships
Ammonar Sailen (Dear Friend) - Opal to Red Jeweled Warlord Prince