Kenton hall
Landmark Information
Kenton Hall is located in the Province of Brentyn in the center of the Province Capital, Kinsale. It is a large, stone building that typically houses the Province Queen as well as the members of her Court if they choose to reside there. However, as the Aldrich Sisters have decided to rule a little differently, no one currently resides at Kenton Hall other than the servants that maintain the grounds. The sisters have all decided to set up residence in their respective Districts and simply conduct the business of the Province Court out of Kenton Hall.

The Hall sits on vast grounds in the center of the city with a large, manicured front lawn and the drive is edged with trees. In the back, one can find the public garden as well as the Queen's personal garden. There is also a large stable that can be found in the back of the property.

Landmark Information Written by Kristin

The Staff
  • Seneschal: Open
  • Butler: Open
  • Head Cook: Open
  • Head Gardener: Open
  • Guards: Open
  • Footmen: Open
  • Maids: Open
  • Other Staff: Open