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Basic Information
Race: Tacean
Age: 20
Caste: Queen
Nicknames: Kai, Alena
Sexuality: Straight
Social Status: Aristo
Playby: Emily Browning
Creator: Jessica

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Tiger Eye (99)
Offering Jewel: Purple Dusk (59)
Strengths: Kai grew up with almost the same education as her sister. She had tutors for everything, and was drilled in Craft. Her basic craft was acceptable. She by no means was extraordinary, but she wasn't horrible with basic craft either. She learned everything she needed to be a Queen. Rules, Rituals, Spells, Protocol, all of it. She learned only a small amount of Healing Craft, ignoring the rest of the lessons and when the tutor refused to understand that she didn't have the temperament of a Healer she began skipping the lessons. Healing the land and healing people were two totally different things. She learned enough cooking so that she wouldn't starve if there was no one to cook for her, and she learned enough cleaning with craft to survive, and then stopped attending any of those lessons too. Cooking and cleaning are sooo not her thing. She loved to garden though, and enjoyed spending time in the gardens when she could. She can form acceptable shields around her. Probably not as good as she might be able to with a little more work, but her tutor was fair pleased about her shielding. He pronounced that if someone wanted to kill her, it would take them a while to chip at her shields.
Weaknesses: So her weaknesses are fairly simple. She is only acceptable at cooking and cleaning. She can handle minor emergencies and small wounds and burns with her Healing Craft, but anything really and truly server and she knows that a fully trained Healer is necessary. She can work Minor illusions but true Black Widow Craft is beyond her. As is most anything to do with the Priest and Priestess caste. Seduction craft and Death craft her parents never even imagined having her tutored in. Which is probably a good thing.


Kai admires El's 'who-gives-a-hell' attitude. The friendly competition she has with her sister is the only ways she knows how to interact with her though. She loves her older sister, and admires her.

Kai is much shyer and quieter than her older sister. She enjoys the parties and the alcohol and the beaches, but its more that she has so much fun with her sister. She is far more likely to read quietly or play music than get roaring drunk. She used to be jealous of her sister, but that was before she knew El. She cant shake the competitive streak with has with her sister, but it is no longer generated by anger.

She doesn't want to be in the spotlight anymore. She's glad she never was, but she knows that her mother put more pressure on El than was right. While she is as reserved, quiet and proper around her family as El is she is not anxious about disappointing them. A small piece of her still wants to earn the comfort and approval of her family the truth is she knows that she cant and she has stopped pretending she will.

With the truth that she wont be able to please her parents she has taken her courage in both hands and decided that she wont let them walk all over her sister anymore. Of course that is easier thought than done. So far she has been, as of yet, unable to defend her sister from her scheme-y manipulating family, but she gets a little closer to it every time she's around them.

She is friendly and easy to be around but mostly shy. She works hard not to appear that way, fighting away the shyness to appear strong and sure. She's not cripplingly shy, just a tad, a touch. She treats people around her like she would like to be treated, unless their try to make a judgment on her sister. Her parent's? She will join in on the judgment, but no one speaks against her sister. They may not have the closest relationship but El is her sister.


Like a lot of marriages in Tacea Kai's parents marriage was arranged, leaving no room for romance and love. Her parent's looked at their marriage as a business deal, clearly defined. Hoku's family was extremely respected and wealthy. The Haloa family were diligent in the social circles, within politics, and within their Tacean culture. Within their home Province of Mahi'ai Hoku Haloa set the social and fashion trends among the wealthy aristo. She was a catch by all standards, wanted not just for the social standing and money but also because she was a well known beauty.

Kayl was well educated and moving his way up the political ladder. Though he was male, and hence unable to form a Court, he held a respectable reputation as Master Of The Guard for the local District Court. He was ambitious, respected, educated, and moving up. Hoku's father saw the potential in Kayl.

And so they were married. They knew next to nothing of each other. They couldn't call each other friends, and even as they were settling comfortably into their marriage it was apparent that they never would be friends. Even twenty plus years into their marriage with two grown daughter their relationship is strained and tense.

One would think the birth of their first child would have been an eventful day, but it wasn't. El was born, and that was it. Kayl was away on business, and Hoku was happy not to be pregnant anymore. The bright spot for Hoku was that it was obvious that their firstborn daughter was a Queen. A circumstance that had not happened in at least three generations. In El Hoku saw all the potential to restore the Haloa family to ruling a Court. And so started the domino effect.

Two years later after another seemingly endless pregnancy, on another uneventful day, Hoku gave birth to her second child. Kai was born a Queen and it seemed that the Haloa family had truly been blessed by the Darkness. Like her sister, she was given over to a nanny to raise. The girls were isolated from each other and their parents. Hoku was not a hands on mother, nor Kayl a very active father. This left little Kai with a secret desperate need and desire for affection.

Kai knew she had a sister who was a Queen. She knew they looked alike, but she had never met her sister. She rarely saw her parents, though them, at least, she knew on sight and spoke to them occasionally. The few things they did talk about was El. How well El was doing, how smart El was, how wonderful El was. Kai tried desperately to earn something from either parent. She worked hard on her studies to earn something positive from her parents.

When Kai turned eight she went through her own Birthright Ceremony. She walked out with an uncut Tiger Eye Jewel. She was proud of her Jewel, but the only thing she heard from her mother was that El had at least walked away from the Ceremony with the Rose. It was at this point when Kai finally met El. She wanted to hate her sister. After all, all she'd ever heard was how special her sister was, how wonderful, how smart, how gifted. When she realized her sister didn't understand why she was competitive, how fun her sister was, she let go of the tension. She loved her sister, but the competition was firmly in place for Kai, but at least now it was friendly and for her own reasons, and not her mothers.

Kai watched as El grew older and started pushing the boundaries of their accepted life. El started skipping lessons, escaping on her own, and dropped formalities with her tutors and care givers. Kai watched her sister endure the punishments but her sister's free spirit came through. She was less ... outgoing than her sister but she was determined not to be left behind. When El didn't mind, she tagged along after her sister. When El did mind her tagging along she ended up sneaking out by herself and went to similar places. Spending time on the beach sun bathing, surfing, and swimming kept her occupied when she was by herself. Going to music stores became something she quite enjoyed doing when she was by herself.

When El was sixteen she met Keilen, better known as Mac. He was six years older than El, and eight years older than Kai. Kai liked him. He was fun, and they were friends, but nothing like the close relationship that El had with him. Not that that kept her from following the pair of them around and trying to get into mischief with them.

El went through her Virgin Night when she was twenty two, but at twenty Kai was sure she didn't want to wait that long, though the subject of her own Virgin Night hasn't come up yet. When El came out of her Offering to the Darkness, surprise of surprises, she wore the Opal as her Offering Jewel.

Almost a month later the Province Queen stepped down and suggested that El would fill the position well. Kai knew El was shocked, but she wasn't surprised, not really. Kai knew that her mother had ambitious plans for El. Kai was only glad that her mother hadn't schemed and planned like that for her. She received an education almost as good as her sisters, nothing to snub her nose at, but she hadn't been meticulously groomed either.

Its been a few months since El has taken her Court. For the moment Kai is happy learning *snort giggle* Court polish from her older sister. A few pointed comments and Kai is well aware that her mother wants her to take one of the District Courts under her sister. An idea that isn't bad in and of itself, but Kai is more than happy to live in her sisters shadow for now. Besides... she hasn't yet had her Virgin Night or undergone her Offering to the Darkness, and until she does both, she's not eligible to rule a village let alone a District.

Learning the hands on aspect of being a Queen means following her sister around. She doesn't blame El for being late for meetings, though she does applaud her for not missing them entirely. That Hoku has been spending more and more time at the Mahi'ai's compound following El around and dropping hints about ruling the Territory makes Kai want to alternate between hysterical laughter and tears. She's determined to vastly enjoy her time at her sister's Court, at least until she decided to build her own.

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