Most of the members of the Blood are gifted with a Birthright Jewel, though there are the select few that do not receive a Jewel until their Offering or at all. Through the Offering to the Darkness, the Blood can earn Jewels up to three levels darker. The process of tapping into these darker reservoirs is known as descending and the darker stones allow for access to stronger and more potent magic. When you give your Offering to the Darkness, it is not guaranteed that you will receive a full descent. You have a possibility of descending one level, two levels, three levels, or not at all though that one is a bit rare.

Both the Birthright and Offering Jewels can be received as Cut or Uncut Jewels. Cut Jewels are ones that are thought to have been used before and may already come set into some sort of jewelry. Uncut Jewels are unused and because of that they are more powerful than their Cut counterparts. These come directly from the scales of Lorn.

The Blood can channel magic without possessing a stone, but the Jewels act as reservoirs of power that would not otherwise be available to them. The darkest Jewel that one can receive for a Birthright Jewel is Red. The Birthright Ceremony is performed at an altar and is usually done by a Priestess. The Offering to the Darkness occurs at the age of maturity.

The darker that a Jewel is, the more power that it holds and that means that there is more power available for its wearer to use. What this means is that a dark Jewel shield can hold out longer against a light Jewel attack, though if it was reversed the light Jewel shield would not hold. However, members of the Blood can sort of link their powers and used the combined magic to overcome someone with a darker Jewel. Opal is the dividing line between the light and dark Jewels. Opals with a strength of 50 or less are considered to be light Jewels. Opals with the strength of 50+ are considered to be dark Jewels.

The Jewels in order from lightest to darkest are:

Tiger Eye
Purple Dusk