Chateau d'Marmont
Landmark Information
This humble Chateau resides in the Province of Veridian, just a few miles outside of the capital Beldon Mor. It's hidden by a bend in the Bespin River, just south of the Royal River Gorge. It is a riverfront property, and has an extra 100 acres attached to it. Besides two servant bedrooms, the main house only has enough room to comfortably allow living quarters for the Territory Ruler, and their triangle. There are two guest houses on the property, one for slaves and servants, and the other for when company arrives. Both are smaller mirror images of the main Chateau itself, and even have the same matching windows, doors, and shutters.

The front yard of the Chateau is landscaped beautifully, and though it offers a fantastic view of Aurum Montis on the other side of the river, it is hardly ever used. Almost all of the traffic consists through the backyard, unless there are formal events and such entrances are needed. The land on the estate is very rich with history as this is where the Queen Beka Nyree resided when ruling over Chaillot. Her house has since been demolished and rebuilt many times, and most recently during Deidra Tasman's rule. Lysandre Gervaise always loved the lay out of the property and newly built structures, but insisted on replacing everything, including the furniture, and landscaping.

Now that the Chateau d'Marmont no longer reminds everyone of their previous corrupted Queen, the feel of it is entirely different. The Gray Warlord Prince is very happy with the changes, and is able to actually relax in the home. Taint no longer clings to the walls, and anxiety no longer follows you in the hallways. The Territory court can conduct business comfortably, and at the same time be able to have a bit of fun within its big open spaces. Besides looks the only other difference is that things have gotten louder, when before everyone tried to keep things quiet and hushed.

Landmark Information Written by David

The Staff
  • Seneschal: Open
  • Butler: Open
  • Head Cook: Open
  • Head Gardener: Open
  • Guards: Open
  • Footmen: Open
  • Maids: Open
  • Other Staff: Open
  • Slaves: Open