The caste of Warlord Prince is the highest ranking male caste and the second highest ranking caste overall. It refers to a jeweled male who was born into this caste and as such, they are guaranteed a jewel when it comes time for their Birthright Ceremony. They are higher in the caste hierarchy than Blood Males, Blood Females, Warlords, witches, Hearth witches, Princes, Healers, Priestesses, and Black Widows, only deferring to a Queen, or a Warlord Prince that wears a darker jewel than the one they have. Warlord Princes are highly aggressive individuals and extremely territorial. It has been said that they are the most dangerous of all the male castes and as such, they have a strong need to bond in service or in a love-bond to a strong female. They rise to the killing edge quickly, easily, and without warning which can often leave nothing but violent death and a gruesome mess behind them. They experience Rut more than any of the other male castes and experience it once or twice a year. Warlord Princes almost always view each other as a threat and/or competition when meeting another for the first time, regardless of what Jewel strength is. When this happens, they will usually rise to the killing edge and only a strong female, whom they serve or love, or a strong sense of Honor and Protocol will be able to bring them back to reality. More often than not they will completely disregard their own health and their Jewel strength when they are protecting something or someone that they love or serve. A strong Warlord Prince can rule a territory in the absence of a Queen.

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