Looking for the Lost Love by *AprilLight

The caste of Queen is highest ranking caste whether they are male or female. It refers to a jeweled female who was born into this caste, and it is not a caste that can be trained. They are higher in the caste hierarchy than Blood Females, Blood Males, witches, Hearth witches, Warlords, Healers, Priestesses, Princes, Black Widows, and Warlord Princes. Queens are the ones who rule the Blood and are often considered to be the land's Heart as well as the Blood's moral center. They are the focal point of society. They have strong ties to the land and feel a call to tend to it lovingly and fiercely. They are the only ones who have the Craft to heal the land after it has been damaged or tainted. They are born into this caste and with it comes the instinct to protect their land, territory, and people. Their strength, nature, and psychic scent will draw males to them. All Queens are required to have a jeweled male in service to them, It is their job to ensure the Queen's health and safety. A Queen may set up her own Court, where there are openings available, or they may serve in a Court of another Queen, which is common amongst light jeweled Queens. Young and inexperienced Queens may also serve an apprenticeship in a Court to gain the experience they will need in the future.

When a Queen is ready to set up a Court, she must have a First Circle consisting of 12 members of the Blood, made her Offering to the Darkness, and be at the age of maturity. To confirm the position, the other ruling Queens in that Territory must acknowledge her.

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