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The Land

Where many territories have four seasons, Pruul seems limited to only two. During the summer, Pruul heat can reach extreme highs of over 100 degrees, with very little rain. However, in the winter time, which is the longer of the two seasons, Pruul's weather is somewhat pleasant ranging from 60-75 degrees. Rain is rather rare in the dry climate, though it has happened. During the summer months lightning storms are common in the late afternoon along with windstorms and dust devils.

Though, in general, the territory is considered a desert wasteland, filled with deep red canyons and giant rock formations; there are small oasis like areas surrounding fresh water lakes and rivers, which is usually where large cities reside.

Filled with tropical and desert plants, flowers, and trees, cities generally look more like beautiful paradises rather than the dry and dead land surrounding them, however densely populated. City building are generally made of white and iron red limestone that are built one on top of the other. Roads are generally coble stone and very narrow. Though Pruul is not at all known for their agriculture, around these beautiful cities is a limited amount green land where rare and delicious exotic spices grow.

Throughout the territory of Pruul there are several large mountain formations filled with salt, silver, and gold; which are probably some of the greatest assets to the people and their rulers. However, in the past, the hard earned money and profits of these resources have fallen through the people's fingers into the hands of those who could care less for those who actually need help. The animals in these areas generally mimic general desert animals; scorpions, reptiles, bobcats, coyotes, and other small rodents.

The People

Because of the hard times that have passed through Pruul, the people of the territory have changed and adapted throughout the years. Generally immersed in the plight of survival there is very few that aren't hard working. In general, the people are clean and self respecting. However, because of the harsh times, crime in Pruul is quite high. Rogues and other criminals are rarely caught and brought to justice, though that has slowly started to change with the new Queen in power. The majority of the people are poor and ragged. Their health is low, but their spirits are high, especially with the new ruler at Pruul's head. The middle class is almost non-existent, and the rich are few and far between, but extremely powerful. Though there are a few well meaning wealthy who support the Queen, but for the most part those with the most power and money despise her. Slavery is very common in Pruul, however unpopular with the majority.

The changing of the seasons is rarely marked in Pruul, with little celebration. Holidays are few and far between and festivals and parties are rarely afforded. The people of Pruul rarely had the time, surplus food, or money to hold such festivities. The most popular function being market days where people sold their wares and produce. Those with money have been known to hold giant balls and grand dinners, with little regard towards the needy.

War, of all the accomplishments of Pruul, has always seemed to be the most successful... at least during the actual acts of war. Pruul has always been known as a rather aggressive state with talented strategists and soldiers, however, the moment peace was instilled around the world, the people need to be retaught how to live and work together. Life in Pruul can be rough and difficult especially when the general personality of Pruul's people is independent and rough around the edges. My only suggestion is don't mess with them, who knows what could happen the moment they start working together.

The Territory Capital: Mahsir
Mahsir is the Capital of Pruul. It is a large city filled with equal parts of the poor and destitute, surviving middle class, and thriving aristocracy. City Guards patrol the nicer part of towns, nice shops run along the streets of the nicer parts of the city, and in the other parts vendors line the streets selling everything that can possibly be imagined. If its not for sale than a vendor or merchant will be able to tell you when they’ll get it in. If you want something made, there are an eager half a dozen who want to make it, all trying to underbid one another for the work.

The large amounts of slavery within the Territory has brought in different trade-able items from all across the Realm, giving Mahsir the well deserved largest city in Pruul and best place to make purchases.

It is a richer city, and the one in which the poor and common people rallied around Eden Baedelle in support, as well as her successor, Aara Ahment.

The Past

Pruul's beginnings are shrouded in mystery. It's an ancient territory with quite a bit of history. The most recent, being the great war and time of peace. During the war, Pruul prospered. With the focus of its leaders on invading and concurring, it was a rich and wealthy territory. Though they took advantage of their land's resources, they took better advantage of their enemy's. There was a large concentration of wealthy and middle class citizens, with most of their family members involved in the military.

At the time, Pruul had very few allies. On almost every border, hostility had broken out. Luckily, with the numbers or soldiers and their talented ability to strategies and were quite powerful in battle. However, victory couldn't last for long. Eventually resources became low, and their ability to prosper without allies was becoming more and more difficult. With every other territory entering into times of peace, Pruul was one of the last to finally concede, leaving the land stripped and tired. Unlike many territories, who had firtil land to till, Pruul's desert like conditions were difficult to master and even harder to understand.

Though in the first few hundred years after the declaration of peace there were several dark jeweled queens to rule, as time passed, fewer and fewer were being born; eventually none at all. With the leaders eventually holding only light colored jewels, the people began to suffer. Though a lot of time had passed since the great war and resources were finally being cultivated properly, the ability to manage such things fell to the way side. Having never learned how to properly work together for the health of the land and its people, Pruul's most powerful became greedy and selfish. Where there had been many middle class and high class citizens during the war, the number of those in poverty only grew higher as time passed, and the separation between the classes had become quite apparent. Crime rates skyrocketed, and life for the average citizen was difficult and unpleasant.

It wasn't until Adolpho Baedelle came into power that things reached their climax. Though many light jeweled rulers had tried their best as keeping Pruul whole, Adolpho was the only male dark jeweled Warlord Prince that was able to maximize Pruul's profits in their resources. He ruled using terror and was a cruel leader. Though the few that were wealthy continued to prosper and only grow richer, the poor became worse, and feared for their lives. Anyone who so much as questioned Adolpho was instantly and brutally killed. He was power hungry and paranoid man, and did his best to destroy anyone who might threaten his reign.

Weak in mind and soul, Pruul was easily taken over by the manipulating hand of the rich. Warlord Prince Adolpho Baedelle, was cruel and greedy, and easily gained the trust of the people with his handsome face and twisting words. He ruled with an iron fist and gained loyalty through fear rather than respect. Anyone who dared to go against his word or threatened his new found throne was instantly hunted and killed for treason.

Time passed, but not much seemed to change. Though there was more work to be done the poor didn't seem to be getting any better; while the rich dined on exquisite meals and wore the most luxurious of clothing. The separation of classes was apparent and appalling even with a powerful ruler at its head. When the time to find a proper wife was necessary, his first choice was a Dena Nehelian; a light haired beauty named Neana. Without any regard for what she wanted, he selected the light jeweled healer who accepted her fate and unhappily moved to Pruul. There, she was treated disregard and was ignored.

One of Adolpho's greatest goals was to bare a child for the next throne of Pruul. He wanted the territory to ascend through male heir, but before he could attempt he needed to know his future and the fate of his rule. Seeking out a talented Black Widow, Adolpho requested that she read his future, but got something he wasn't expecting nor anything he wanted. His rule would be ended by his first born daughter, but his first child would be a boy.

Happy that he would be able to fulfill his goals in having a male heir he quickly went to his wife and forced her to bed with him. Nine months later, in the middle of the night, a son was born and moments later so was a daughter; twins. Neana quickly named her daughter Eden before forcing her into the arms of the Black Widow that had helped her to give birth and told her to keep her child safe. Eden was swept off to Dena Nehele where she was hidden away and kept safe for twenty three years, all the while, in Pruul, Adolpho was never informed of his daughter and struggled to keep the attention of his 'only' child. Neana made sure that her son knew the truth and was taught to become a good man. Years passed and Neana spent her ignored existence in between her home land of Dena Nehelian with both of her children. She made sure the Black Widow was teaching her daughter properly and that Eden would be prepared for the future ahead of her.

At the age of twenty three, Eden was finally ready. She traveled back to her home territory, her Sapphire Birthright and Ebon-grey jewels in hand, and defeated her father. Taking over the land, the poor fell in love with their queen, while the powerful and rich hated their now limited power. While Eden struggled to regain the health of her land and the love of her people, she had to protect herself from those who would attack and try to take her position, and she failed.

Eden tried her best to heal the land and its people but those few who have rallied up against her had more power than she thought. Those who prospered during her father's reign hate and despise her. The poor were growing more healthy, but it wasn’t enough. Assassins claimed the life of their Queen Eden Baedelle. Only quick thinking by Kian Arselan, a Red Jeweled Warlord Prince who claimed the position of Territory Ruler stopped all chaos.

The Present

Kian Arselan, a Red Jeweled Warlord Prince holds the Territory of Pruul. From a family well respected for their vocal disagreement and disdain of the past Queen Baedelle, and their belief that Pruul, and its men, should not bend knee for a woman, Queen or not, the Territory holds its breath waiting to see what kind of Ruler Kian Areslan will be.

So far he has kept his cards close to his chest. He didn’t support Lady Baedelle, but he never worked against her so far as anyone knows. Rumors have started that a Queen is living in the Palace, and the Territory watches uncertain exactly what its current ruler is planning, and why a Queen lives in the Palace.

Meanwhile Kian Arselan has found a Queen he is willing to serve, one he is willing to hand over Pruul to, Aara Ahmet. Finding her had been a surprise. She was a Queen who wore the Opal, one who wasn’t broken, one willing to stand for Pruul and try to save it from men like Adolpho Baedelle and Amir Siavush, who would rather kill a Queen than bow to her.

Aara Ahmet has been busy. Learning the fine edge of Protocol for Queens to rule that is no longer being taught, gathering a strong Court around her, hoping to rule longer than Eden did, hoping to make more of a stand than did her female processor.

While Aara studies to be the Queen that Pruul needs, if not wants, Amir plans in the desert. She knows that enemies will surround her the moment she steps into Kian’s position. Will she be able to survive the assassination attempts that the previous Queen could not?

Territory Information Written by Meg and Jessica

The Territory Court

Aara Ahment, Ruler of Pruul
Summer Sky to Opal Jeweled Queen

Blood Triangle

  • Consort: Open
  • Steward: Mahsa Shirin, Purple Dusk to Sapphire Jeweled Black Widow Queen
  • Master of the Guard: Makomba Mosi, Summer Sky to Green Jeweled Warlord Prince (NPC - Open to PC)
  • First Escort: Kian Arselan, Opal to Red Jeweled Warlord Prince

Important Positions

  • Court Healer: Open
  • High Priestess: Suri Nesrine, Summer Sky to Opal Jeweled Priestess
  • Head of the Hourglass Coven: Open

First Circle

  • Open

Second Circle

  • Open

Third Circle

  • Open

Wards of Pruul

  • Open

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