Province Capital: Brighton

Province Information
As soon as you reach the eastern shores of the Bespin River, you are greeted big a large expansion of thick forests. The mass of green foliage provides shelter for both Blood and Landen alike. Rather than pastures of livestock, most substance comes from the wild game that also dwells in the forest. Hunting is a requirement for the locals that reside here, as it is unwise to venture into the wild without knowing how to take down a rogue wolf, or an angry bear. Fierce animals are not the only worries to keep in mind though, as the forests also conceals hasty thieves and greedy murderers. Even with all the dangers, one cannot pass up the sights while making it through to the coast line. There are many waterfalls, caves, and small villages to explore along the way.

Brighton, the capital of Navalor, rests on the eastern coast of Chaillot, on top of a terrifying set of cliffs. The view of the ocean that divides Chaillot from the rest of the Realm is breathtaking to say the least, just be sure to not stand too close to the edge. Like the capital of Aurum Montis, Brighton serves as the ceremonial hub for the province. The treeline is only a short hike away, and offers a plethora of quiet places for one to celebrate the darkness.

Province Information Written by David

The Province Court

Open, Ruler of Navalor
BR to OFF Jeweled CASTE

Blood Triangle

  • Consort: Open
  • Steward: Open
  • Master of the Guard: Open
  • First Escort: Open

Important Positions

  • Court Healer: Open
  • High Priestess: Open
  • Head of the Province Hourglass Coven: Open

First Circle

  • Open

Second Circle

  • Open

Third Circle

  • Open

Wards of Brentyn

  • Open

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