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District Capital: Lismore

District Information
Montrelle District is the smallest District in Brentyn. It is the forested region located at the edge of the Territory border with Raej. Like the other Districts, it is almost completely covered in forests, but it is not as mountainous as Atwood is. The path through the woods is not nearly as dangerous as the ones through the rest of the Province. The biggest danger one will find there are the wild animals. Years ago, the bandits had made their home in the Montrelle but a Queen of the past made it her mission to clear them out.

Lady O’Keefe had her men hunt down and kill every bandit that hid within the trees and once they were cleared out, the guards found it much easier to keep the forests bandit-free. Every District Court since has made it their mission to keep it that way, even if it forces them into the other Districts of Brentyn. Or at least that had been the case until recently. Cassidy Aldrich does not believe in slaughtering them for no reason whatsoever. She has taken the same stance that she had watched her sister Riley adopt in Atwood, which is to simply patrol the roads and try to make sure that it is a safe place to travel. As long as none are harmed, then she simply leaves them be. Only when they cause trouble does she allow the guards to do something about it. But even then, she prefers them to be arrested or chased out of the District as opposed to murder.

Like the rest of Brentyn, their economy consists of importing almost everything as they cannot grow or make within its own borders. Their major exports include the rare plants, herbs, and flowers that can be found there as they are something often required for rituals by all Priestesses throughout Dena Nehele and beyond. Most of their food though comes from outside of their borders, with the exception of the fruit that is harvested and the meat from animals found within the forests.

The capital city of Lismore is small, but it is the largest city within Montrelle. The main street is surrounded by the best shops that the District has to offer as well as some of the best taverns and other entertainment. At the end of it, Abbington Hall can be found.

District Information Written by Kristin

The District Court

Cassidy Aldrich, Ruler of Montrelle
Rose to Opal Jeweled Queen

Blood Triangle

  • Steward: Open
  • Master of the Guard: Open
  • First Escort: Collin Myrth (NPC)

Important Positions

  • Court Healer: Open
  • High Priestess: Open
  • Head of the District Hourglass Coven: Cayleigh Taryn

First Circle

  • Open

Second Circle

  • Open

Third Circle

  • Open

Wards of Montrelle

  • Open

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