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The Land

A large coastal country on the southeast part of the continent, Hayll is surrounded on three sides by five countries, Pruul, Raej, Dena, Nehele, Askavi, and Dhemlan, its northernmost borders tucked against the Askavi mountain range. The territory itself is split into three provinces, Naemah, Dantalion, and Astar, each territory taking up its own specialization and culture.

Dantalion takes up the most land of any province, covering the entire top half of the territory, but is also the least populated. Most of its land is dedicated to agriculture, and is particularly famous for its fantastic vineyards. The majority of Dantalion's population is comprised of commoners and Landens though there are a few wealthy trading posts throughout.

The southern half of the Territory is split in the middle into two provinces. The western half is the province of Naemah. Naemah is claimed to be the cultural heart of the Territory, boasting most of its most successful ports, it's most beautiful and technical architecture, and for its support of the local arts and sciences. It is the most populated and richest of the three provinces and hosts the majority of the external trade and tourism.

The southeastern half of the Territory is the province of Astar. Astar is a forbidding place, but thrives in spite of it. It's the second most populated territory and claims several large cities in its borders, though none as large as they are in Naemah. Astar is known mostly for its steep ocean cliffs and unpredictable weather, making agriculture untenable and the construction of ports unlikely. Instead, Astar bases its economy off of... shadier ventures. It's a well known secret that the best thieves, mercenaries, and assassins are born, bred, and trained in Astar. The slave trade in Hayll also begins and ends there.

Sitting just inside Naemah's borders but considered independent of any province is the capital city of Draega, where both Murmur and Samael Manor are located.

The People

Hayllians are a long lived, stubborn, and extremely proud people. They claim the rights to some of the earliest “civilized” society, a culture brought forth by the hundred original families. These Hundred Families, as they are deemed to this day, continue to run the country in every way that matters. Each family being influential, rich, and backed by years of fiercely protected pedigree. Hayllians are known for their deceptiveness, particularly in these families, and it is probably their most notable aspect to anyone outside of their culture. They are a cut throat people which means the powerful nearly always rise to the top.

Because of this nature, the people of Hayll, common or not, are very used to political upheaval. A grand coup of power barely calls for a day off work for most. The businesses and society are very adept at riding out change and keeping themselves whole.

Not all aspects of Hayllians are as twisted as some believe. The people have a great appreciation for the arts and sciences, priding themselves in their exports of ideas rather than only goods. Foods, architecture, paintings, and literature are all of public importance to every citizen and are supported as such.

The Territory Capital: Draega
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The Past

Hayll started in war. Millenia ago, Hayll started by staging a war and splitting off from Dhemlan for reasons neither side could historically agree one. The hundred main dissenters from that war, the ones who raised the armies, bought the weapons, and fought the battles, would later go on to form the Hundred Families.

Due to their long lived status and its position in the middle of five volatile countries, Hayll is no stranger to war, both internal and external. They've had to keep a strong military and political presence no matter the circumstance, which was originally the thinking to establish the Hundred Families as the center of the government. In a strict order of succession, any family could step in at any point or position in the government to re-establish order if the worst should happen. Supposedly this allowed the territory the most autonomy while simultaneously retaining security.

However there have been some that say, over the years the Hundred Families have abused their power. The accusation wouldn't entirely be unfounded. There is evidence to them manipulating bloodlines, appointing Queens, shuffling the political world around until it didn't benefit Hayll at large but only the Hundred. Of course... this is only an opinion.

An opinion some recent usurpers have shared to varying degrees. Sebastian L’amour was the first, though not openly. He worked within the system, if blackmail and stacking votes is considered inside the system (and for Hayll, this is a reasonable argument). Never openly opposing the world order, he ruled in what most assumed was a temporary position, his actual plans be damned. His rule started cracks in the Hundred Family's ego but it wasn't enough and not nearly fast enough. At least not for Salem Dyre. Salem, a self-exiled member of the hundred families, came back with an quiet, but extremely effective coup on his heels. He quickly killed anyone who might threaten him or his new rule, and that included Sebastian.

The next few weeks were a rush of confusion for some. Those who rebelled against Salem's new rule were killed and those who would voluntarily cast themselves out of Draega mysteriously never made it to their destinations (Salem having quietly ordered their deaths in fear of them forming an army elsewhere and coming back for revenge). The majority, but not all of these people were members of the Hundred Families, a group Salem made no mystery of his distaste for.

Now, financing his new order with the money of the dead he'd walked through to get to his throne, Salem is setting out to bring the Hundred Families to their knees and Hayll into a future no one but him is quite able to predict, or perhaps even understand...

The Present

Currently, the upper echelons of Hayll court are barren, driven away by political tides or Salem's absolute paranoia. Mostly in a bid for public favor, Salem has kept on Sebastian's consort and installed a Court Healer who was once a commoner (Though that fact was less political mechanization and more a matter of coincidence). The population at large is split somewhat in half in their favor for him, but most fear him.

The Hundred are feigning obedience to him in order to keep their own skins, all the while plotting to cut the legs out from under him. Dantalion, in particular, under the rule of Kaerissa DiCosma falling into step along with the Hundred Families in their dislike for their new Warlord Prince.

Salem battles this with the Ascoltatori, his Listeners. Spies in every court and every house, if he can help it.

Naemah and Astar, either from actual belief, or simply waiting to see who is going to kill whom first, are remaining neutral... for now.

Territory Information Written by Risa, Jessica, Elleh, Lach

The Territory Court

Salem Dyre, Ruler of Hayll
Sapphire to Ebon-Gray Jeweled Warlord Prince

Blood Triangle

  • Consort: Rheanon Aneira, Red to Gray Jeweled Black Widow
  • Steward: Open
  • Master of the Guard: Regina Idoni, Red to Ebon-Gray Jeweled Healer
  • First Escort: Open

Important Positions

  • Court Healer: Kadienne Vidai, Green to Red Jeweled Healer
  • High Priestess: Open
  • Head of the Hourglass Coven: Open

First Circle

  • Kadienne Vidai, Green to Red Jeweled Healer

Second Circle

  • Nathan Cassius, Opal to Red Jeweled Warlord Prince

Third Circle

  • Open

Wards of Hayll

  • Amalie Emesto, Tigers Eye Jeweled Black Widow

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