There are two different types of Dual Castes for males and females. The first type is Natural, meaning they were born with both castes. The second type is Trained, meaning they learned their second caste through training and hardwork. The more common of the two types is trained as any female can go out and train in a particular Craft if they have the desire and inclination towards that type of Craft. The same can be said of the male castes, though there are fewer that have the inclination to do so. Natural born Dual Castes are rare of both sexes, though you are more likely to find one that is female than one that is male.

Female Dual Castes consist of Healer Priestesses, Black Widow Healers, Black Widow Priestesses, Healer Queens, Priestess Queens, & Black Widow Queens. Male Dual Castes consist of Healer Warlord, Healer Princes, Healer Warlord Princes, Priest Warlords, Priest Princes, Priest Warlord Princes, Black Widow Warlords, Black Widow Princes, & Black Widow Warlord Princes.

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