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The Land

Dhemlan is one of the three largest territories in Terreille, though it is a lot longer and narrower than Askavi and Hayll. The climate tends to depend solely on which section of the land you are located in. In general though, there are four different climatic types in Dhemlan. The north is marked by warm summers and colder winters, with the average annual temperature declining the further north that you go. The coast and the peninsula experiences the most mild climate, the summers being hot and dry while the winters are mild and humid. This is where most of the rainfall takes place in the land and it is quite frequent during the winter. The west is marked by winters that are bitterly cold and long because of the mountains and high elevations. There is a lot of rain during the warmer seasons as the land gets higher, though that turns to snow in the winter. The interior of Dhemlan is marked by hotter summers and more rigorous winters, though rainfall is not as frequent.

Dhemlan is almost completely bordered by ocean, with only their western edge coming up against the territories of Askavi and Hayll. As such, maritime commerce brings in a vast majority of the income for the land. There are ports all along the coast and a lot of the larger cities are located along that part of the land. The western border is made up entirely of mountains that separate Dhemlan from its neighbors. As you move further east, the mountains flatten out into plateaus before turning into river valleys, countryside, farmland, as well as forests. Over a quarter of the land is covered in beautiful forests with over 140 different types of trees to be found amongst them. There are also 4 rivers that flow through Dhemlan: the Seine, the Loire, the Garonne, and the Rhone. The Seine is located in the northwestern region and spans down towards the center of the territory. The Loire is the longest of all the rivers and runs from the western border down towards the peninsula and across most of the lower half of the territory. The Garrone runs in the southern part of the land and is the shortest of the four. The Rhone runs from the center of the land and completely through the peninsula.

The People

There have always been two very distinct types of people in Dhemlan and sadly that distinction was usually made by money and status. The first type is the Aristocracy of Dhemlan, which makes up only about a third of its population. The second type included pretty much everyone else.

The Aristocracy might have made up the smallest portion of the population, yet they have always been the ones to set the rules that the land followed. Even the lowest of the families came from money and they almost always resided along the coast or within the larger cities throughout the territory. Where the Aristocracy lived, the cities were quite large and often thrived on commerce. They were cultural hubs, giving a home to the visual and performing arts as well music and literature. Artists would often flock to these cities as well in the hopes of landing a rich benefactor from the Aristocracy so that they could afford to continue their work.

The Commoners have always been a people that have had to work for the things that they had and more often than not, they took absolutely nothing for granted. They tend to be the ones that plowed the fields and brought in the money for the land via agriculture, or those that worked the ports and made it possible for merchants and visitors to come to Dhemlan. They are the worker bees of the land, the ones that make everything run smoothly, and the ones that are often taken for granted by the Aristocracy, despite having the larger number of people. There has always been a rather large, very distinct divide between the two and it has been a point of stress for many thousands of years.

In general, the people of Dhemlan are a peaceful people. They do not feel the need to fight unnecessary battles and will often favor the arts and diplomacy over that of warfare and dominance. There may be a lot of greed and corruption amongst the Aristocracy, but that can be said about most of the members of the long-lived races.

The Territory Capital: Nantes
Nantes is the largest city in Dhemlan that is not located along its coastline. It is located in the Deloncre Province and is almost perfectly centered in the territory. Prior to the Revolution, it was almost completely inhabited by Aristos, but after the fighting was done its population began to balance out a bit more. It is a hub of cultural activity, having the largest theater and museum in all of Dhemlan. Some of the finest restaurants can also be found in this bustling metropolis. Prior to the Revolution, there had been talk about moving the capital to one of the cities along the coast. Once the fighting began though that notion was dropped and the current Court has decided that the capital is fine in its current location.

The Past

Dhemlan is a territory that has been around since the dawn of time... or at least that is what they have always told people. It's inhabitants are members of the long-lived races and as such, only a few others could really dispute that fact though it never seems to happen. They have always been a land that tried their best to remain neutral when wars broke out around them, siding with someone only when it was necessary or would be financially beneficial for them to do so. Considering the fact that all but one side of the territory was left unprotected to naval warfare, Dhemlan had gotten quite good over the millennia of remaining neutral.

The divide between the people was one that had existed since the dawn of time as well, the Aristocracy always coming out on top. For many centuries though, the relationship between the two was held in a delicate balance... the Aristocracy was able to live the lives of luxury that they preferred and the commoners were still able to survive on what was left after the tithes that had to be paid to the courts. That balance began fracture over four hundred years ago. The commoners were watching the rich get richer while the poor struggled and had to fight in order to even survive. They had everything taken from them while the Aristocracy lived in the luxury that they were accustomed to, receiving exemptions from the tithes and even lesser tithes than those that had to scrape together every cent they had in order to pay their own. As the years passed, there was a lot of talk about something being done... but it was just that as there was no one brave enough to take up arms and fight for what they all felt was right. That is until one Queen that had been passed over for the rule of a District because of her common birth finally decided that it was time to do something.

Lady Marie Laroche saw what was happening to her people and despite the fact that she wore the Red, she could not find a place in Dhemlan that would accept her as their Queen. She watched the common people, the very people that she came from, struggle for survival while the Aristos sat so comfortably in their homes and had everything handed to them. Without even realizing what was happening, she had amassed an army of sorts... people who were willing to fight by her side to bring down the corruption amongst the Aristos of Dhemlan and to once again find that balance between them and the common people. As far as they were concerned, the only way to truly do that was to place someone of common blood as ruler in the Territory Court. Only then would life become less of a daily struggle for those that couldn't afford the life of luxury that the Aristos could. After all, there were far more of them than of the Aristos. And so three hundred fifty years ago, the Revolution began!

The Present

In the early years, the Revolution moved slowly. Lady Laroche focused on winning what small battles they could while she organized what would become her Court were they to accomplish their end goal of placing her on the throne. It was during that first decade that she found her Master of the Guard, her Steward, and her High Priestess and it was during that time they found each other as well. Drake Markovski, Isaac Graise, and Alessia Rossetti came from all walks of life and they all worked very hard to make sure that they would be there to see their goals through to the end. They fully supported the Queen that they had chosen to serve and were often at the forefront in their own ways.

Drake took control of the rabble that formed the army and trained them so that they would not simply be sheep heading to slaughter when the time came for them to fight. He expected a lot from the men and women that had chosen to take up arms, all the while doing his best to make sure that they did not lose sight of what they were fighting for... their families. Isaac could not physically fight like Drake could, but he had a mind and he used it to the best of his ability. He gathered as much intel as he could and helped plan the battle strategies before they made the decision to strike. Alessia did what she could to keep the moral of the people around her up, as well as taking up arms to fight alongside everyone else when the time came. In the midst of all of this, the three of them found love and began a family.

After centuries of skirmishes and endless planning and a number of deaths on both sides, everything eventually led to one night... a night whose outcome would shock both sides but one that benefited the Revolutionaries in the end, even if it wasn't what they had originally planned. The fighting had finally made its way to the capital and to Rhone Palace where the Territory Ruler hid from what was coming for her. It was a bloody battle and many people fell that night. In the end they had succeeded in killing the Queen, but Lady Laroche fell that night as well. Numb with grief from the loss of their Queen, the celebration of their victory was rather short-lived. They did not know what they were going to do because they had won the war that had been raging for centuries, but there was no Queen to set into place now.

It was one of the men in the army that had first suggested Drake Markovski step into the position of ruler. It was a suggestion though that was taken in quickly and by the time it even came to Drake's attention, everyone had already decided that they would follow him if he decided to. He had gained their respect during the course of the Revolution and he wore the darkest jewels amongst them. It took some convincing from Isaac and Alessia though before the Warlord Prince finally agreed. In the back of his mind though, he knew that it was not a position that he wanted to hold forever. He was not a ruler, but he did have a daughter that bore the caste of Queen and had been gifted with a Birthright of Opal. He had agreed to rule, but he had always known that once Devyn was ready to begin a Court of her own that he would step down and let her fill his spot... Drake had just failed to mention that part until recently.

Devyn Rossetti is a young Black Widow Queen, still trying to adjust to her new position as daughter of the Territory Ruler and now she has an even bigger change coming her way. She has the support of her family and her friends, but will it be enough in the end?

Territory Information Written by Kristin

The Territory Court

Drake Markovski, Ruler of Dhemlan (NPC)
Sapphire to Gray Jeweled Warlord Prince

Blood Triangle

Important Positions

  • Court Healer: Caleb Rousseau
  • High Priestess: Alessia Rossetti (NPC)
  • Head of the Hourglass Coven: Open (see suggestion)

First Circle

  • Open

Second Circle

  • Open

Third Circle

  • Open

Wards of Dhemlan

  • Jaide Rossetti
  • Devyn Rossetti
  • Alexandra Rossetti

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