Dena nehele delmar

Province Capital: _____

Province Information
Delmar is located in the northern and northeastern sections of Dena Nehele and borders Askavi to the east and Shalador to the west. One of the main things that this province is known for is the beautiful coastline along the northern border. Though there are sections of it that are cliffs and can be quite dangerous, other parts are beautiful beaches, and quaint piers.

The other thing that Delmar is known for is all of the farms that are spread throughout the province. These are definitely more important to the territory than the coast is and the province tends to be a nice mix of hills and family farms. Everything from vegetables to grains are grown on these farms.

The capital of Dena Nehele is also located in this province, situated just outside of the Meriell District and right on the coast so that Balfor Manor looks out over the sea.

Province Information Written by Kristin

The Province Court

Morrigan Roan, Ruler of Delmar
Purple Dusk to Sapphire Jeweled Queen

Blood Triangle

Important Positions

First Circle

  • Open

Second Circle

  • Open

Third Circle

  • Open

Wards of Delmar

  • Open

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