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The Land

Although Chaillot is a small continent, it is filled with everything from beautiful landscapes to a robust night life. Majority of the lands are raised with rolling hills, or soaring mountain ranges. Forests embrace this land, making it one of the greenest in the realm. The wooden giants provide shelter to many interesting creatures, and can serve as sanctuaries for Blood ceremonies and rituals. The north part of the territory is occupied by many farms, and is well known for its developments in agriculture. The amount of harvested produce is sustainable when it comes to feeding the people of Chaillot, However, it is nothing like what is produced in the familiar and fertile lands of Dena Nehele. The southern tip of this small continent plateaus into a dark valley, and is where the farms begin turning into Vineyards. Chaillotian wine is the country’s largest and most profitable export. It’s blended with a taste of the mountains, and is very popular among the people.

The weather in Chaillot is always highly predictable, and surprisingly mild throughout most of seasons. The only time of the year that has an unpleasant climate is during winter. The coldest time of the year, carpets the land with a layer of snow. If the Darkness is merciful, the blankets of snow do not rise to extreme levels, and are easily survivable. Harsh storms have been known to bury the country before though, but it usually only happens once every few years. Usually, the weather in Chaillot is comfortable, especially during the summer time. Heat radiates from the sky, but there is almost always a rolling mountain breeze to cool you off. When there isn’t a breeze, and the sun is heartless, you can always find a river or swimming hole to bathe in as the melted snow from the mountains has naturally carved many waterways into this small nation.

The People

The Culture of Chaillot changes as you move through the country. For the most part Chaillotians keep to themselves, and tend to their own problems. It is unusual when hospitality is offered to a stranger, as the nation’s history has left scars of fear and manipultation in the mind’s of its people. The northern part of the country is riddled with livestock, and large family farms. The Blood in the North are more trusting than their cousins in the South. Though speculation will arise, so does the generosity of people who live off the land. As you follow the Bespin River to the southern province, an attitude changes among the people. Tourists flood the promising districts of Veridian, and always leave the locals annoyed. They come for the wine, scenary, and nightlife. In order to make a living some will put up with it until compensation is earned, but not everyone is as kind. The larger cities of Chaillot reside in the Southern Valley, and with large cities come the seedy characters that dwell within them.

Crime is inevitable in most Capitals, but it certainly is not tolerated. Chaillotians follow Blood laws very strictly, and typically do not hesitate to take action in their own hands when justice is necessary. It is wise for one to not put themselves in such situations, as walking alone at night does have its repercussions. Depending on the person, it is also wise to not criticize a Chaillotian custom, as the repercussions to that will show you just how much pride the country has for itself. After centuries of slander the people of Chaillot developed a need for strength shortly after the war between the Realms. They have proved themselves many times since, in defending from enemy invasions. Slavery is still permitted within the nation, and adds as a bonus to the country’s Army if war were to occur.

The Territory Capital: Beldon Mor
The Chaillotian Capital has been thriving with life for well over 5,00 years. It is the oldest city in the territory, and seeps with history. Beldon Mor is just due west from the River Gorge, right in the heart of Chaillot. Streaming with an assortment of social classes, it has remained the largest city in the nation for quite some time. Beldon Mor started off as a trading village, and slowly but surely kept growing until the streets were lined with buildings of all sorts. With being just a short walk away from the Bespin River it has allocated some charm, and now serves as a Tourist attraction rather than just a political battleground.

The Past

The origins of Chaillot before the War have been told in many different ways. A popular bedtime tale told to most children is that it broke away from the corrupt lands of Shalador, to become it’s own. Fortunately Shalador was more interested in acquiring the lands of its other neighbors, Dena Nehele, than the little island to the west, when War emerged. Chaillot was simply not prepared for it, and immediately proclaimed itself neutral to all other territories. An invasion would decimate the tiny mountain villages that scattered the continent at the time. With the armies of Shalador focusing on Dena Nehele, the people of Chaillot felt confident that blood would not be spilt on their land, and War would simply pass over them. The surprise attack on the southern districts, stunned everyone, and took them unaware. No one had ever suspected Tacea of being a threat.

Veridian, lasted for three days before falling to the Tacean army. The rest of Chaillot’s survivors scrambled to the mountains where they could regroup. They had an advantage of knowing the land, and were able to safely escape enemy forces. Within a week, they were pushed back even further to the northern tip of Aurum Montis. It was here that the Blood and landens joined forces, and worked together in saving their home. It is still not truly known how it was done, but somehow the remaining Chaillotians were able to not only fight successfully, but drive the Tacean Invasion back to the Southern Coast of the River Valley, and claim back their land. This mystery has since been called the Miracle of Chaillot, and has many different versions.

After proving themselves worthy, and destroying the invading army, the Territory of Chaillot closed its borders, and withdrew itself from everyone for some time. The Province rulers knew it would be hard, but when a realm was at War, self-preservation became a priority. Though their numbers were low, the Queens healed the land, and produced life, replacing what had been lost. As reconstruction began, so did an Army. Chaillot had learned its lesson before, and its people would never let that happen again. Tacea continued in their effort of expansion, but continuously failed every time they decided to go up against a Chaillotian Army.

Even when peace began echoing throughout the realm, the province Queens agreed to keep Chaillot’s borders closed, especially to those of Tacean descent. Rather than build an Army to wipe out their enemies, Chaillot decided to take care of itself. Though it was tempting to destroy Tacea, but they knew their energy could be put to much better use. The Queens of Chaillot managed to keep its borders closed for 7,000 years. During that time the land flourished as did its population. Vineyards covered what used to be dead land, and an assortment of livestock filled what used to be barren mountains. It wasn’t until a young Queen by the name of Beka Nyree had come to power, that things began to change. When she reopened Chaillot’s borders, the people were overwhelmed at first. It had been a long time since they had been reconnected with the rest of the realm. Beka helped them through this transition, and slowly but surely started negotiating trades among other territories. After being tucked away for so long, the strange land became a tourist attraction to others. Tourism is still big in Chaillot, and the wine too made a big impact on everyone.

For as long as anyone can remember Territory ruler was granted to the darkest jeweled queen in the territory, as long as they wished to rule. At the time of her offering, Deidra Tasman became that person. While just wearing the Green she outranked every Queen in the territory. Before she claimed the role of Territory Queen, she finished her training as a Priestess, as it was her mother’s wishes to do so. Since the start of her reign, Lysandre Gervaise served in her court. He was the darkest jeweled Warlord Prince in Chaillot, and was offered a position as Master of the Guard. Deidra played the role of Queen by the book quite well, and received the trust of her people. It wasn’t too long either before she was offered the position, High Priestess of Chaillot. The first twenty years of her rule brought many fortunes to the land, and the people felt blessed to have her. Though Lysandre didn’t yearn for the need to serve her, he did so willingly. As the years continued the Gray Warlord Prince noticed a subtle change in his Queen. A spark of bitterness began slowly growing within her.

After twenty-five years under Deidra’s reign, there were a few children whose birthright jewels would soon outrank hers, once they made the offering to Darkness. Shortly after the young witch’s birthrights were announced, they mysteriously vanished and were later found either broken or dead. Speculation on whether or not Deidra ordered the attacks came into question, but she was able to reassure her people that she would never harm a child. The disappearances of young Queens, was just the start of it too. Soon after the attacks, Deidra’s malice began consuming her. The gentle harmony that used to run through her had been replaced by a treacherous greed. Fear was her weapon now to keep control of the territory she had clutched in her hands. It didn’t take long before the males that served her became slaves, controlled by Rings of Obedience, and the fear of being shaved.

For ten years Lysandre watched the deterioration of Chaillot. It started with a rift between the landens and Blood. For thousands of years they’ve managed to co-exist, and love one another, but now there was only tension and animosity. Next came the dying prosperity of the land. Harvesting the little produce native on Chaillotian soil became futile, and the winters became grueling, killing herds of livestock. Finally, relations among other territories began failing. All trade agreements were terminated except for one. The only exchange that wasn’t under embargo was through the territory of Pruul. When wind of this reached Lysandre, he feared the worst. He knew it was time to put an end to Deidra’s wrath, even if it meant going down with her.

After painfully subduing his Queen, Lysandre proceeded with the interrogation. Though his tactics were unnecessarily brutal, getting Deidra to sing was an easy task. Like he feared, she was plotting against her own people, weakening the territory so it could easily become invaded. Adolpho, the Warlord Prince of Pruul had convinced the naïve Queen to join his ranks. The expansion would aid him in his quest of conquering the Realm. Though she would lose her title as Queen, she envied the power that came with the promised name, High Priestess of Terreille. After dispatching Deidra publicly, Lysandre knew what had to be done. There was a pending invasion above his head, and a nation divided in two. Stepping in as Territory ruler was the only way Chaillot could be saved, and who better than a successful Master of the Guard to take on such a task.

The Present

Under the rule of Lysandre Gervaise, Chaillot was given the chance to heal and grow once more. He was very far into his rule when another war started to bubble up. In an attempt to prevent anything, Lysandre sent his Steward and cousin, Lucas, to talk with the rulers of Shalador. The Territory Court wasn’t prepared for Shaladors challenge in the form of the execution of Chaillot’s Steward. This resulted in catalyzing the war and forcing Lysandre out of the neutral position he had been trying to keep.

After a series of unfortunate events within the Gervaise family, Lysandre retreated within himself, so far as to get lost in the Twisted Kingdom. Even with the help of the Territory Black Widows, they were unable to bring him back. In a quick but unanimous decision, Cipriana Gervaise, sister to Lysandre and Veridian Province Queen was made Territory Queen.

At the present time Cipriana’s primary agenda is to get her court in order. She then intends to continue on the path her brother had initiated of neutrality and peace. Her first goal is to make Chaillot safe for the inhabitants. In doing this, she has been working towards making a treaty with the current Territory Ruler of Tacea. Her next order of business was to start mending relations between Landons and Bloods. As a way of doing this, she hired Landons to work in trusted parts of her own home.

Territory Information Written by David & Fini

The Territory Court

Cipriana Gervaise, Ruler of Chaillot (NPC)
Summer-sky to Opal Jeweled Healer Queen

Blood Triangle

  • Consort: Desmond Tierney
  • Steward: Open
  • Master of the Guard: Open (see suggestion)

Important Positions

First Circle

  • Open

Second Circle

  • Open

Third Circle

  • Open

Wards of Chaillot

**NOTE: Chaillot is currently a non-played Territory on MTDBM and this information is from before it closed.**

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