Golden Spider by *Jennyeight

The caste of Black Widow is second highest ranking female castes. It refers to a jeweled female who was either born into this caste, thus being a jewel at birth, or they were a witch who trained in Black Wdiow Craft. They are higher in the caste hierarchy than Blood Females, Blood Males, witches, Hearth witches, Warlords, Healers, Priestesses, and Princes. They are usually considered to be the most dangerous of all the female castes and as such, they are equal in status to none of the other castes, only deferring to a Warlord Prince, a Queen, or a Black Widow that wears a darker jewel than the one they have. Black Widows are people who are capable of using Craft to heal the mind, weave webs of dreams and visions, see potential futures and outcomes, and have training in illusions and poisions. They have the strongest ties to the Mind and they have the ability to walk the border to the Twisted Kingdom, being able to cross it on occasion and still find their way back. excel at the Craft needed to heal a person's physical wounds and cure their illnesses as well as have a strong tie and knowledge of the body. They are most often born with the instincts to comfort and heal. They are usually doctors, nurses, midwives, and veterinarians in society and as such, they are highly respected. As they tend to walk the border between sanity and insanity regularly, it is highly recommended for them to have a jeweled male in service to them, It is their job to ensure the Black Widow's health and safety. Black Widows are required to train and serve in a Hourglass Coven, though they have the option of also serving a Court, entering into personal service, or even having a private practice.

A natural Black Widow usually does not show the physical traits or signs of the Craft until the onset of puberty. At this time, they will receive increased empathy, lucid or prophetic dreaming, the ability to naturally produce venom, and immunity to many poisons and venom. They are usually female though there are some very rare cases of a male becoming a Black Widow. The most obvious trait of the caste is the snake tooth that grows under the fingernail of their right ring finger. The snake tooth is a small, hollow claw that has an internal channel that leads from the tip of the snake tooth to the venom sac under the fingernail. The snake tooth needs to be drained of its venom regularly in a process that is referred to as milking and if it isn't, the venom will begin to crystallize. The crystallization will make it harder to milk the snake tooth, causing immense pain and the possiblity of losing the tooth, the hand, or even resulting in death in extreme cases. The venom inside of the snake tooth is extremely fatal and most people tend to avoid shaking a Black Widow's right hand because of it.

A witch can train in the Black Widow Craft to become a Black Widow, though a trained one will not be able to grow a snake tooth. They usually have to implant one and as such, they are not able to generate their own venom and as such, they need to ingest poison in order to replenish their venom sack. They are not immune to quite the range of poisons that a natural one is either.

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