Province Capital: Riven

Province Information
Astar is the second most populated province of Hayll, and the most inclement. Astar has little land suitable for agriculture, frequent storms, and a coastline characterized by cliffs and hull-tearing shoals. Because of the rather desolate terrain, most of the population lives in Astar’s guild-controlled cities, and exports services to the rest of Hayll, and Terreille at large, most of which are clandestine.

The power and influence of the Hundred Families is largely figurative in Astar, which is instead controlled by four criminal guilds, each with its own specialties. The slave trade begins in Astar, and its markets are fed with goods that have avoided the customs officials and tariffs in Namaeh.

The capital is the city of Riven which, as a whole, excels in deception. It looks like a typical Hyallian city, with elegant architecture and well-dressed citizens. However, it doesn’t have a large population of aristocrats. It’s far more likely that someone who appears well-off is a well-connected criminal, and probably a guild member.

Riven has representatives from all four of the criminal guilds of Astar, but is particularly home to the guilds of the assassins/thieves and the courtesans/spies. There are Red Moon houses throughout Astar, but the ones located in Riven are the best, challenged only by the Crimson Kiss.

Province Information Written by Lachesis

The Province Court

Ophelia d'Fiore, Ruler of ASTAR
Red to Ebon-gray Jeweled Queen

Blood Triangle

  • Consort: Open
  • Steward: Pascal Giroux
  • Master of the Guard: Jaynor del Selva
  • First Escort: Vestien Caladus

Important Positions

  • Court Healer: Alissa Sai'Larine
  • High Priestess: Open
  • Head of the Province Hourglass Coven: Open

First Circle

  • Alissa Sai'Larine
  • Jaynor del Selva
  • Pascal Giroux
  • Vestien Caladus

Second Circle

  • Open

Third Circle

  • Open

Wards of Astar

  • Jared Malkhim

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