Cassidy thread
Basic Information
Race: Dena Nehelian
Age: 19
Caste: Queen
Nicknames: It really depends on who it is as to how they refer to her. Her family and friends will usually call her Cassi, though occasionally Cassidy will be used instead. Then there are always the more formal titles like Lady Aldrich that are used in Court.
Sexuality: Though she has absolutely no romantic experience whatsoever, nor has she even had her Virgin Night, Cassidy is almost certain that she is straight. She is however, bethrothed... though that is something that she prefers to try and forget.
Social Status: She is an Aristocrat and has been her whole life.
Playby: Dominika Grenio
Creator: Kristin

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Rose (78)
Offering Jewel: Opal (18)
Strengths: Cassidy has always been good at shields, both aural and regular. They are just something that has come easily to her since she was a child and learned how to do them. Though, it probably didn't hurt that she had to use them on more than one occasion growing up because of Hadley, but she did perfect the art in the process. She has also mastered the art of the warming spell, which doesn't really seem like that big of a thing but it is something that she uses quite often when the weather turns cold as she does not really retain heat well on her own. Her warming spells get woven nicely into whatever she puts them on and they tend to last longer than most without having to be redone.
Weaknesses: Cassidy has never really been in a situation where she really truly needed to learn Hearth craft as her family always had servants that took care of that kind of thing. She has never really had any desire to learn it either. Another thing that she isn't any good at is seduction craft. Once again, she hasn't really been in a situation where that kind of craft was needed. Most likely it will be something that she never masters and she hopes that she will never really need to use it in the future anyways. On top of that, she tends to struggle a bit with passing herself through something. She can pass other items through things just fine, but more often than not she simply fails to pass herself through or she gets stuck partway. That is the reason she tends to just not bother anymore as it is really quite embarrassing to get stuck halfway through something.


Cassidy has always been a fairly outgoing young woman and that probably comes from the fact that she was the youngest of three children. She was always surrounded by people, whether it was her tutors or her sisters or her nanny, and she learned at a very young age that she liked to talk to people. She has never even really cared whether a person was an Aristo like her and her family or if they were nothing more than a commoner. She was even the kind of girl that would talk with the Landens whenever they were around and did not treat them any differently than she would have anyone else. After all, she has never really been a fan of labels or how they restrict someone's life so much and as such, she chooses to ignore them whenever she gets the chance. Sadly though, as a Co-Ruler of Brentyn, Dena Nehele and as District Ruler of Montrelle, most of the people she tends to deal with on a regular basis are Blood and more often than not Aristos.

She is the kind of person that absolutely loves being around other people and is usually happiest in a social situation of some sort. However, she has never really liked being the center of attention and will happily give the spotlight to someone else if she has the chance. She simply likes interacting with other people, hearing their thoughts and their ideas about things, and simply getting to know someone new. She would actually rather spend more time talking about what is going on in someone else's life than her own since as far as she is concerned, there is nothing truly noteworthy about her day-to-day life... well other than all the stuff that goes along with being a ruler but some of that stuff can be really boring and not things that people really want to talk about.

Cassidy thrives in casual settings since she feels that she can truly be herself then, but also because it gives her the chance to observe others. In more formal settings, she tends to have to be what most people think a Queen should be, though she never loses her light demeanor. She loves the fact that she gets to share the rule of the Province with her sisters. After all, it allows her to pay more attention to her District and share the responsibilities with the other two. It also means that she doesn't have to be the center of attention when the Province Court meets as both Hadley and Riley command more attention... or at least they do as far as she is concerned.

She is a kind person by nature and will usually be at least civil to people, even if she does not particularly like them. She doesn't always try to hide her disdain for people though. She just won't be outright mean to anyone for any reason. She is not really the kind of person that has a temper, which probably helps. She gets upset and angry with people of course, but she just isn't the kind of girl that will let that anger get the better of her... at least not in public. She will bury whatever she feels most of the time and allow it to come out in the privacy of her own room instead of yelling or screaming and carrying on. Though, even if she can bury it you can usually see those feelings in her eyes regardless.

She is a strong-willed young lady and once she gets something in her mind, very little can convince her otherwise. She holds strong to what she believes in and she will do most anything to right a wrong if she believes that one exists. She has been called idealistic many a time, but she doesn't necessarily think that she is. She has a lot of ideals and believes in doing whatever she can to make her little section of the world a better place and though she likes to think the best of people, she isn't as naïve as people think that she is. She knows that there are people in the world that aren't good and she knows that it is stupid to ignore them.

Overall, Cassidy is the epitome of youth in both her actions and her thoughts. She is young and sweet and likes to see the best in everyone, though she does know that it does not exist in everyone. She has strong ideals and opinions and she holds to them no matter what. She is carefree and outgoing and has learned how to make her presence known, even if she doesn't always want the limelight, since that tends to go with being the youngest of three Queens.


Carrigan and Harvey Aldrich gave birth to three baby girls, all of whom were gifted with the caste of Queen. Riley was the eldest, then came Hadley, and finally the baby of the family was born. As a child, young Cassidy grew up adoring both of her sisters and looked up to them a great deal. After all, they were both Queens as well and even though there were a number of years between her and her sisters, she had always felt like that was something that had connected them.

Growing up in the Aldrich household had definitely been an interesting one since the three girls were raised almost completely by a nanny instead of their parents, who loved their girls of course but had political ambitions that always took precedence over their daughters... or at least Cassidy believed that to be true. Even as a child she had been a person that liked to see the good in people and not the bad, which meant that she never saw her parents trying to figure out the best way to use their daughters and their castes to their own personal advantage.

Cassidy looked up to Riley, who was always trying to take care of her younger sisters, and Hadley, who always seemed to work so hard at her studies. She enjoyed spending time with them, though she knew that they did not always want their baby sister hanging around. She even got along with the nanny really well and found that she never had trouble talking to any of the staff either. She was a charming and sweet little child after all and had been told more than once as a child that she was a ray of sunlight and that her personality was refreshing. Course, that was not really something that she had ever really thought about since she was simply a happy child in the first place, and was allowed to be far more carefree than her sisters due to the fact that she was the youngest of the Queens and less expectations were placed upon her.

She watched as her sisters underwent their Birthright Ceremonies and walk away with a Rose and Summer-sky jewel. When the time came for her to do the same, she couldn't have been happier. When she walked away from the ceremony wearing a Rose Jewel, she was quite proud of that jewel and was really happy that she got to share the color with at least one of her sisters. Her Craft lessons began shortly after that time and she also began spending a lot of her time reading and riding the family horses.

It wasn't until she was twelve years old that she had to deal with being used as a pawn in her parent's political games. Some of their "friends" at Court had a son who was a few years older than their youngest daughter, but he had taken some interest in her nonetheless. His family was a little better off than the Aldrich's and Carrigan could only see that as an opportunity to better the family and because of that, Cassidy was soon engaged to the young man. However, Carrigan cared enough about her daughter to at least say that the wedding and everything else would have to wait until after Cassidy came of age.

At first, the young Queen did not mind since she figured that was simply how things were done. After all, Riley had been married off as well so it seemed only natural. However, as time passed she grew to realize that she had absolutely nothing in common with the boy that she was supposed to one day marry. She tried to tell her parents that she did not want to go through with it but of course they would not listen to her at all since the marriage would be so good for the family. It was at that point that she began to realize that her parents cared more about themselves and their futures than they did about their children's... unless of course they could benefit from them in some way. She took that hard at first but she quickly got over it since she still had her sisters.

However, that all changed shortly before she turned fourteen. Hadley disappeared on the eve of her eighteenth birthday and Riley was married and dealing with a family of her own at this point. Though she still had contact with her eldest sister, it had sort of felt like she had lost both of them at the same time. She also began to notice that her parents seemed to take a greater interest in her life at that point since they were trying to groom her to be a District Queen at some point. After all, if Cassidy could sit on a throne anywhere and Riley eventually ruled a Province, then their importance would increase by a lot. She watched as her parents tried to manipulate her life to suit their needs and though she never lost her sunny disposition during this time, she did begin to realize that not everyone was inherently good like she had once believed. She lost a little bit of the naivety and childlike innocence that she had... or at least she did on the inside. If she had actually shed that demeanor on the outside very few people ever saw that in her.

When Hadley finally began to reestablish a connection with her sisters, Cassidy couldn't have been happier. She had worried about what had become of the middle Queen ever since the day that she had disappeared, but she had never been able to find any trace of her when she had actually looked. To know that she was alive and safe was the best news that she had heard in years. Things only began to look up at that point as well. Sophia fell, as did the Queen of Brentyn, which left a place open for Riley to rule. However, it seemed that Riley had different plans for the Province... something Cassidy had certainly never seen done before. Riley wanted to attempt a shared rulership of Brentyn with both of her sisters. It was decided that they would each rule a District and then share a hand in the rulership of the Province itself. Cassidy didn't even have to think about it before saying yes because she had no doubt that they could make it work somehow. Her biggest concern was the fact that she had yet to make her offering and was still at least a year from being able to. Of course that was quickly solved with the decision that Riley and Hadley would share her District until she was old enough to join them.

A year has passed since that time and Cassidy has finally made her Offering to the Darkness. She walked away from that ceremony wearing an Opal, making her the sister that wore the Darkest Jewel. She knows that there is bound to be some difficulties that arise when trying to rule a province like they are, but she is convinced that if anyone can do it, the Aldrich sisters can. After all, they all have their strengths and their weaknesses and together they will form a solid team. The thing that she worries about more than anything at this point though is the upcoming meeting with Lysandre Gervaise. They do need to get the official approval from him and he could easily crush their dreams by saying no. On top of that though, she has heard stories about him and she is certainly quite nervous to meet him face to face after hearing them. She will have her sisters by her side though and she will be able to overcome the nerves with their help.

Current Plot
Cassidy is currently engaged to a man that she does not love, but she does not want to disappoint her parents and is not strong enough to tell them no like Riley had. So instead, she has simply thrown herself into ruling and trying to postpone her wedding as long as possible. Perhaps she will be lucky enough to find someone to love like her eldest sister did and find the strength she needs to call off her wedding.

Current Relationships
Riley Aldrich (Sister) - Rose to Purple Dusk Jeweled Queen

Hadley Aldrich (Sister) - Summer-sky to Purple Dusk Jeweled Queen
Collin Myrth (Fiance) - Rose to Purple Dusk Jeweled Prince
Donaghan Murray (Ex-Brother-in-Law) - Tiger Eye to Rose Jeweled Prince
Gabriel Aldrich (Nephew) - Non-Jeweled Prince
Cayleigh Taryn (Acquaintance) - Summer-sky to Purple Dusk Jeweled Black Widow