Abbington hall
Landmark Information
Abbington Hall is located in the heart of the Montrelle District in the District Capital of Lismore. It has only housed the District Court for the last few Queens and prior to that the seat of power for the District Court moved around based on the whim of the ruling Queen. It is a somewhat small estate house that consists of two floors, both of which have white, wraparound porches for people to spend time on.

It does not sit on a large amount of land as it was once the private home of a previous Queen prior to her taking up rule of the District. There is just enough space to have a decent sized stable as well as the Queen's private garden. Unlike most other Queen residences, Abbington Hall does not have a public garden for people to wander in, though the current Queen does not mind it if the members of her Court spend time there.

It is currently home to Cassidy Aldrich, her triangle, and a few members of her Court.

Landmark Information Written by Kristin

The Staff
  • Seneschal: Open
  • Butler: Open
  • Head Cook: Open
  • Head Gardener: Open
  • Guards: Carter Myrth
  • Footmen: Open
  • Maids: Open
  • Other Staff: Open