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Basic Information
Race: Pruulian
Age: 23
Caste: Queen
Nicknames: Aara, Chani
Sexuality: Straight
Social Status: -Born- Commoner, -Current- Aristocrat
Playby: Katherine Mcphee
Creator: Jessica

Jewels & Craft
Birthright Jewel: Summer Sky (54)
Offering Jewel: Opal (14)
Strengths: Aara has been trained in Craft to be able to do all the duties that the Queen is expected to do. She can feed the earth her blood and channel power into it. Most of her abilities are not caste related. She has learned basic craft extremely well. She is also fully trained in all things Hearth Craft, and some everyday Healing abilities. She can from a basic defensive shield, and aural shields.
Weaknesses: While Aara does have some everyday healing craft knowledge she is by no means sufficiently knowledgeable in the area to do any good. She can mend cuts and gashes, brew a few tonics, and she knows a few spells to reduce pain, anything else is out of her league. She has no knowledge of anything related to the Priestess Craft or the Black Widows.


Aara is a hard worker. She was raised among the common people and her family was really very poor. Weather the by-product of being raised the way she was, or maybe it was a mixture of her natural personality, Aara needs to pull her own weight.

She has a no-nonsense personality and doesn’t understand why people do things that aren’t practical. Buying sweets would be wonderful, but she knows that for the costs of those sweets her family can buy regular food for two days. Make up is something that frustrates her, it seems so silly to her to paint colors on her skin that will get on her clothes, or get in her way.

She is also a cautious person, having learned that most people aren’t nice or generous. She hasn’t let this harden her though, and works hard to trust people, and show them kindness. She rarely trusts someone who disappoints her once, and if they were to disappoint her again, they’ve lost any right to her trust.

She is also devoted to friends and family, and very protective. Not that she can do much protection wise. She will go out of her way to make sure her family and friends are okay, that they are taken care of, or that they are comfortable as she can make them.

Aara is not unused to getting up at dawn to take care of household work before having to go to work outside the home. When that’s done she comes home for more work. Her family is poor, has always been poor, and it required them to all work equally in order to survive. One of her favorite mottos is early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise…Okay so maybe she has to stay up late working at home, but she gets up early, and she might not be a man but she’s pretty sure that the same is true for men or women as far as healthy and wise. She’s still waiting on the wealthy part.

The death of Aara’s father crushed the family. It was more than they didn’t know how they were going to survive without the extra income, they had lost their anchor. His death crushed their mother and Aara quickly became the touchstone of the family.


Zeki married Talia shortly after they turned nineteen years old. Both had a difficult life of hard work both behind and in front of them. Zeki worked in the mines while Talia worked hard both at home and doing small jobs around their village to bring in extra money. They were married for five years before they stopped taking their contraceptive brews. They finally thought they had enough of a steady life to have a child.

Nine months later Jarah was born. He was a sweet boy and he stayed constantly at his mothers side, helping her all he could. He was seven when Zeki and Talia decided to have their second child. Little Aara was born next, and almost exactly ten months after Aara was born Akbar was born. It took a lot out of Talia to give birth twice within a year. It also put a strain on their already poor lifestyle. They struggled on together as a family, and when Jarah was fourteen he started doing anything he could during the day to help his parents get money. By the time Jarah was fourteen, it became painfully obvious that Aara was a Queen. Her parents were terrified, especially when Queens, no matter their jewels were being broken, and little Aara was kept even closer to her parents.

Birthright Ceremonies came for each of the children. The family was shocked and pleased with each of their children’s birthright Jewels, especially Aara’s who’s Birthright Jewels outranked both her brothers. When Jarah was seventeen he started working with his father in the mines. Aara was ten and she and her brother did all the housework and cooking while their mother worked any jobs outside of the house she could. They managed to stay aflot, if poorly, with barely enough to eat. Aara learned to keep her mouth shut when she went to bed still hungry because there was only enough for them all to barely eat.

The older Aara got the more beautiful she got. Her parents were worried she’d end up broken, not just because of her caste, but because of her beauty. Aara, upset but understanding stayed home even after Akbar followed Jarah’s footsteps and got small jobs outside the home. When Aara was eighteen her parents found someone to take their daughter through her Virgin Night. They were too poor, too worried about surviving, to pay attention to the drama of the Ruler of the Territory, so when Adolpho Baedelle died it was noted. The Ahmet family would have celebrated, if they’d had any extra time or food to devote to such a frivolous expenditure.

The family knew that it was a shaky time when Eden Baedella took over the Territory, and when the mine collapsed, killing her father in an accident the family had to work even harder. Reluctantly Talia, barely able to function with the death of her husband, agreed to allow both of them to work in one of the few wealthy homes in the area, both of them keeping their heads down. It required one of the boys to walk them to and from work every day, but the family managed. Keeping up with what was going on with the Queen of the Territory was no longer an option.

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